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United Way of Thunder Bay kicks off 2021 fundraising campaign

The 2021 Local Love in Action Campaign has begun.

THUNDER BAY – The United Way of Thunder Bay officially launched its 2021 Local Love in Action Campaign.

United Way of Thunder Bay officials were thrilled to hear that Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro had declared Sept. 13, “Show your local love day”, as well as Sept. 14 to Sept. 17, “Show your local love week.

“It definitely is an exciting time, that’s a good word for it, I’m very passionate, if you hadn’t noticed this morning, about the work that we do here,” said Jodie Wilson, director, philanthropy and community engagement.

“Having a campaign like Local Love and Action, really allows us to go out and work with people and get people really engaged in this campaign, so, it’s exciting, not only for us that are trying to help community members but, for our donors as well. ”

Tbaytel has announced that the company will match all donations during Local Love Week up to $10,000.

“There were really two reasons we wanted to get behind it, the first is, we always like to support events and the community that enrich the community, and we know that there’s a need in Thunder Bay, and in the region, and the United Way is best suited to serve that need,” said Dan Topatigh, Tbaytel president and CEO.

“Most importantly, I think, we looked at it last year, and we made the same sort of donation last year, and the generosity in the community was absolutely fantastic, we saw the matching happen before noon that day, and in the days following they managed to see a very high target, so we’re hoping to see the same kind of success this year.”

There are many ways to participate in Local Love Week for those that are interested:

  • Build a basic Needs DIY Kit
  • Donate
  • Buy an event ticket
  • Volunteer for or request a Mini-Days of Caring Project

For more information on how to participate, visit their website

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