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VIDEO: A family of ducks pays a visit to a liquor store

A mother duck and her six offspring waddled into a Thunder Bay LCBO
Duck family
A mother duck and six babies dropped by a Thunder Bay liquor store on the weekend (Facebook/Gordon Wilson)

THUNDER BAY — Customers and staff at a Thunder Bay liquor store were entertained by a family of ducks on the weekend.

Video posted to Facebook by Gordon Wilson shows a mother duck waddling down the aisles at the Thunder Centre location, trailed closely by six ducklings.

The birds did not completely abide by COVID-19 precautions.

None of them wore masks, but they all followed the arrows on the floor indicating the appropriate direction of travel.

A spokesperson for the LCBO said the staff were able to safely relocate all the birds outside.

There was no confirmation as to whether mom and her offspring might have been visiting the store to check the stock of Baby Duck sparkling wine.