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Video: Local 10-year-old creates LEGO video thanking frontline workers

The video created by Reid Drury uses LEGO figures to thank the hard work of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

THUNDER BAY - One local boy wanted to thank the tireless work of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in a very unique way and he hopes it will encourage others to support the many men and women doing their part during this unprecedented time.

“I like to thank people and I want to thank people for all the hard work they’ve done to help us through these hard times,” said Reid Drury.

Reid DruryReid Drury, 10, thanked the frontline workers in a video made with LEGOs posted to YouTube.
Reid recently posted a video to YouTube entitled ‘Thank you to everyone working so hard to keep us safe!’ The video is a stop motion animation featuring LEGO figures and sets.

“It is the main thing I’ve always played with and I like playing with LEGOs,” Reid said.

The three-minute video features scenes of healthcare workers, businesses that have been impacted, food delivery, and proper social distancing and includes the song ‘We are the World.’

Reid said it took him about a week to make using an app on his phone to take individual pictures of the scenes and create movement and he did it all by himself.

Since it was posted on April 1, it has already received more than 1,300 views and the official LEGO YouTube account commented saying the video was amazing and encourages Reid to keep creating.

And while Reid doesn’t have any more videos planned, he hopes the message behind this one will not only show how much frontline workers are appreciated, but encourage others to offer thanks as well.

“I hope they feel that they want to be more helpful and help the frontline workers and thank them more,” he said. “I just like how they help me and help us to get the food to the grocery stores and stuff like that.”

Doug Diaczuk

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