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Wilderness discovery centre receives $175,000 in donations (3 photos)

Wilderness Discovery Centre will have the change for infrastructure upgrades after receiving two large donations this week.

SHEBANDOWAN – A campground aimed at providing a barrier-free opportunity for people who require mobility equipment has received two large donations.

The Wilderness Discovery Centre received two donations Monday afternoon. The first donation was $100,000 from HAGI TV Bingo, and the second donation was $75,000 from Fort William Rotary Club.

Wilderness Discovery is the only lodge in Canada that focuses entirely on providing a barrier-free opportunity for people who require mobility equipment to experience the things that Canada’s wilderness has to offer.

“We’ve been very lucky to partner with many organizations,” says Jeff Jones, vice president of Wilderness Discovery Centre, “HAGI is one of them, and the proceeds from the TV bingo has gone to support this, $100,000, and then we got $75,000 from the Fort William Rotary as well, from their house lottery.”

The donations will go toward upgrading infrastructure of the lodge and providing support for their participants.

“What went into it was the generosity of the citizens of Thunder Bay and the area and other communities such as Geraldton and Marathon” says Gary Cooper,  host of Saturday night HAGI TV Bingo.

When asked why Fort William Rotary Club chose Wilderness Discovery to receive the funds, Dawn Sebesta, Fort William Rotary Club president, said “I think it’s just special because of what they’re doing for the community, and how they’re helping in conjunction with HAGI and all the other clubs in Thunder Bay. Just the fund raising, and it allows all these people to come out here and enjoy themselves.”

The Wilderness Discovery Centre is currently taking reservations for the 2021 season, contact them at 1 (807)-346-9722.

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