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On Monday February 15th, 2021, the world lost a very special light. It is with heavy hearts that the family and friends of Sarah Manda Bayes announce her passing.

Sarah battled through medical issues that no young adult should ever have to face. Throughout this battle, she was never seen without a smile on her face or love in her heart. Always lighting the room when she walked in. Our little warrior.

As the baby of the family, she showed an unmatched resiliency to the constant ridicule and teasing at the hands of her sister, cousins, uncles and now boyfriend. Her quick wit kept her on par at family debates and discussions often surpassing expectations for such a young, minded lady.

In such a short time span, she was fortunate enough to acquire a great appreciation for life. She was able to obtain knowledge, love, and experiences that many of us will never be brave enough to develop. Unbeknown to anyone, Sarah was born with Arterial Vascular Malformation (AVM). For the last year, she fought bravely and silently knowing that this would be a lifelong struggle that could unexpectedly change everything.

Sarah’s whole life evolved a little east of Thunder Bay. Her most favorite spot was Loon Lake dancing in the sauna, sleeping, solving world problems, or advocating for those less fortunate. If she was not there, she could be found in Nipigon at the china with a wonderful group of people who quickly became her second family.

She was a dedicated athlete who spent years honing her physical conditioning for the annual beer Olympics. She was never one to brag about her many accomplishments or awards but, held these memories in high regard and wasn’t shy to mention them in conversation.

One of Sarah’s greatest joys was to spend time with her friends and family. Sarah was lucky enough to have met the love of her life who was always able to bring a smile to her face. Alex and his family welcomed their little Tinkerbell with an unconditional love and acceptance.

As any parents would know, there is no greater loss than the loss of a child. As any sister would know, there is no bond comparable to a sibling you can call your best friend. For anyone who was fortunate enough to be touched by Sarah’s light, please take comfort in knowing a little part of her will be with you forever. As long as we all keep her in our hearts and memories she will never truly be gone.

A service will be held for Sarah at a later date. In lieu of flowers please donate to the TBRHSC Foundation.