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Thunder Dog Rescue aims to find the perfect match

Rebecca Estey founded Thunder Dog Rescue, keeping in mind the importance of finding the right potential pet owners for the right dogs.

Rebecca Estey began volunteering with pet rescues before starting her own.

She saw the need for more and founded Thunder Dog Rescue with the intention of helping humans find a dog that is perfect for them. Estey knows the importance of finding dogs that are the right fit for potential pet owners.

People considering getting a pet have a lot to consider. Preparation for adoption will vary depending on the dog they are matched with.

“Every dog is different and they have different needs,” Estey says. “One might be a runner and be afraid of strange noises, for a case like that I would require a six-foot fenced yard.” 

Although there’s plenty of dogs without behavioural issues that are ready to be adopted to a loving family.

“A lot of people want dogs by their looks, which is an unfortunate thing, because so many people will buy say, a Great Dane or they’ll buy a Belgian Malinois, and don’t research the breed and don’t understand the dog’s needs.”

Research, preparation and training are the key’s to a successful adoption. Estey has seen a rise in surrenders lately. Potentially due to behavioural issues and a lack of proper guidance. Highlighting crate training as an important step early in dog ownership.

“You know the puppy’s safe when you’re not home, in a contained bed. It’s like a teenager’s bedroom, it’s their space.”

Estey works her full-time job while coordinating adoptions and fostering dogs. She get some help with events and fundraisers.

“The Corrections Cares event is one of our bigger fundraisers. The people that put it together are really great. I basically show up with the dogs and walk away with some funds that can help the animals.”

Thunder Dog Rescue is run entirely from her home.

“I actually prefer that, when you’re adopting a dog out, that’s a big responsibility.”

There is an application process and home inspection to ensure the home is compatible. 

People who have their heart set on a purebred dog need to be diligent. Estey encourages people to meet breeders and the parents of the litter. Ensuring ethical breeding practices.

“You should be able to go and see the mom, and see where these pups are kept.”

Of course adopting is preferred over shopping when it comes to dogs. Estey holds open houses at her residence so people can meet the dogs that are up for adoption.

“I do require people to put in an application ahead of time. I want to have an idea of what they’re looking for and what I’m looking for.”  

She is honest with prospective adoptees about any behavioural issues and knows the characters of the dogs before they are put up for adoption.

Be sure to check Thunder Dog Rescue’s website for updates on events, donations and current dogs ready for adoption. Their Facebook page is full of great photos. For further information call directly at (807) 622-6523 or email

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