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Amid COVID-19 crisis Marnics Mobile continues to push forward

Marnics Mobile is going above and beyond to get Thunder Bay the technology they need during these tough times.
As the pandemic continues to take a toll on businesses locally and internationally, Marnics Mobile continues to supply its customers with not only the things they want, but the things they need.

Throughout the pandemic, as expected, products have been hard to come by, and as the world ventures further into a new lifestyle, the Marnics family is effortlessly venturing along with it by providing customers with even more product options than before.

During this time of movement and growth, their product line is becoming even larger giving the customer more options and access during a pandemic.

“Anything you can find in the big box stores, you can find in Marnics,” says operations manager Joseph Wenzell.

Since the health, safety and respect of staff and customers of utmost importance, walking into the store isn’t even necessary, especially during these tough times.


Growing smarter

Marnics has updated their website to make an easier way to shop online and request free, contact-less delivery.

With more TV’s and gaming options on top of Smart Home accessories, all consumer electronics are available through their online store, as well as their storefront.

Repair options are still available through their online portal and during store hours, the staff is available for any question and concern regarding your phone, tablet or gaming system.

With only five easy steps, Marnics customers don't have to worry about when or where their broken device will be fixed.

The process is simple, you choose the manufacturer, model and problem, and then choose the type of delivery service you feel comfortable doing whether that’s mailing it in, walking in or having Marnics pick it up for your convenience.

With the option of free pick up, input your details and the process is complete.


Moving forward

Marnics is making the online style of shopping, ordering and repairing even easier and while the world slowly changes into a different kind of living you can be certain that Marnics will be there for your technical needs.

Through storefront expansion and an easier online platform Thunder Bay can rest easy knowing their devices will always be taken care of.