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Tai Chi city

Tai Chi is beyond just exercise.
Peng You Tai Chi
Otherwise known as Meditation in Motion, Tai Chi is a form of Asian Martial Arts from China that is growing more popular amongst the people in recent years. For those who have not heard of Tai Chi, it can be described as Shadowboxing. It is an internal defense training through meditation and exercise; aiming to bring a balance in life.

A lesser-known Asian Martial Art form travelled all the way from Jiaozuo, the city in China where the art form was born years ago to Thunder Bay with Master Peng Youlian setting up the Peng You Taiji Association in the city. Peng You means friendship, and that is the motto of the academy: bringing quality of life through friendship and health.

For Master Peng You, Tai Chi is beyond just exercise. Hence, he set up the Taichi Park here in Thunder Bay, overlooking our stunning view of Lake Superior, a one-of-a-kind experience for those practicing Taichi at the park. This unique art form is quite popular among the aging population.

Tai Chi is a great practice to bring longevity in life, therefore making it extremely popular amongst seniors over 65 years of age. This ancient form of Martial Art is a godsend to the population of Thunder Bay as there is more senior population in our city than any other.

There is a huge fan following for Taichi in Thunder Bay, so much that Thunder Bay is called Taichi city. “We have had over 150 fans for Canada day, and we try to raise money for the charities,” Master Peng You says about the growing popularity for Taichi in Thunder Bay.

What is more interesting is that it is expected that Thunder Bay will host the Taichi championship in 2024, in which over 156 countries will participate: a huge feat for the city with one of the most fan following for the martial art.

Master Peng You also says, “Taichi builds relationships and helps in bringing longevity by increasing the quality of life. People follow me through Taichi even though I can’t even speak English very well, and that is very important for me.”