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The right fit for Thunder Bay

Flair Athletics is providing best quality dance, gym and swimwear.
Flair Athletics 2

A tailored fit can go a long way in affecting a person’s confidence. It is often underestimated how much the right fit of clothing can help a person’s confidence. Especially for performing kids in Thunder Bay, the right fit for their dance, gymnastics, and swim clothes can boost their confidence and performance.

For more than 10 years, Flair Athletics has been the Knight in shining armor to these kids, providing them with the best quality dance, gym, and swimwear.

They have been in business for over 10 years and known in the community for their Chlorine resistant swimwear lasting longer than two years, more than any name brand swimwear.

With the reputation like that and being the only point shoe fitter in North-Western Ontario, Flair Athletics has earned the trust of the North-Western Ontarians.

Their primary focus is finding the right fit for the client even if it is not profitable to them. This makes them a personal and honest business, according to Crystal Jewell Rajala, the owner of Flair Athletics. “We are not sales oriented. There is no pressure on us to sell. We customize the fit based on what the studios want, even if it means we are not making profit. We are not in the competitive business; we are in this for the kids,” she says.

“After my adopted dog ate all the suits we bought for my kid, which is every suit in Thunder Bay! I wanted to start my own business. We started with a small inventory of five to six styles and expanded to a whopping 90 different style inventory, which is hard to find even in Europe,” she laughs reminiscing.

All shapes and sizes are catered to at Flair Athletics. Their motto is to make the child feel good and have them not feel demotivated because they are given a different suit because of their size and/or shape.

Fit is the most important accessory in this industry, and the biggest challenge! Flair Athletics is going above and beyond in shaping the futures of the kids in Thunder Bay.