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Wisdom: Grand Council Treaty #3 is supporting development of healing camp

Healing from complex trauma, addiction, and recidivism is a journey.
Grand Treaty 3
Elder Langford Ogemah, founder of Gamikaan

Healing is a long journey, and Grand Council Treaty #3 is supporting the development of a healing camp that will help guide those along the way.

Grand Council Treaty #3 said they are proud to support the development of Gamikaan Bimaadiziwin healing camp.

Rooted in the history of the Anishinaabe Healing Camp once held at Pickerel Lake its future now is in its new name, Gamikaan Bimaadiziwin meaning “I will find my life again”.

They speak of how their Creator has been at work alongside a growing team of individuals who believe that healing from complex trauma, addiction, and recidivism is a journey.

That journey in their view, takes time, and requires opportunity to not only go back to one’s roots, to heal by creating a sense of identity, but also to build skills that can bring pride, opportunity, and hope in the future.

They expressed how working alongside Elder Langford Ogemah, participants learn what it takes to survive day to day when living on the land and are nourished culturally and spiritually in a healing journey.

It was also said that, providing this opportunity to heal through learning the Anishinaabe way of life is what is offered at Gamikaan Bimaadiziwin at Bug Lake.

Grand Council Treaty #3 is highlighting the work being done to move past piloting this type of modality of treatment amongst all the existing treatment modalities in the region.

They emphasize that more than ever this journey has shown that sovereignty, self-determination and living off the land as the Anishinaabe ancestors did is healing, and should be valued as a viable and integral option for treatment.

The group continues to look for support and donations towards the Gamikaan Bimaadiziwan healing camp.

“Our goal is to implement restoration for our people.” Langford Ogemah, founder of Gamikaan Bimaadiziwan, and Indigenous Solutions.

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