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Cafe Paris - Live On the Waterfront

So it finally happened, I got to see a group of musicians called Cafe Paris.  It couldn't have been a more picturesque setting. A breezy sunlit summer evening at Marina Park.  Sail boats racing in the harbor, the smell of food trucks in the air and a very pleasant, large capacity crowd lounging comfortably in their fold up chairs.

Cafe Paris, an ensemble of highly respectable local musicians not just playing jazz, but FRENCH Jazz! They have been around as a group for at least two years to my knowledge, often playing the Foundry on Jazzy Thursdays.  I am intrigued by all things French - be that film, art or music.  So when Blanchet and Pepe started doing Cafe Paris, I just had to see them.

There's something comforting, nostalgic and just very relaxing about this particular brand of music.  If you've ever seen the movie Chocolate there's some great period music that makes up the soundtrack.  Cafe Paris strikes a similar chord for me.

This was also my first Live on the Waterfront experience and it was fantastic.  Very well organized and the sound technicians responsible for what the crowd hears was top notch.  If you've attended Live on the Waterfront - this is of no surprise, but if you haven't yet checked out this wonderful summer long event, you just have to go!

Adam Sabaz