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Big Brother Weekly: Double eviction

Who was knocked out during the double eviction?

Week four started off with discussions about who voted to evict Olivia. While everyone knew that Derek was voting to evict Olivia, the vote came out 9-2. Veronica was the second vote. Many houseguests immediately suspected that it was her. In the diary room, Veronica revealed that she cast the vote to evict Olivia in order to shake up the house. The Head of Household competition got underway. The houseguests were required to answer questions about the “BBCAN Museum” that they were shown the day prior. The competition came down to a tiebreaker between Ali, Derek and Erica. Erica won the competition, making her the HoH for the week.

Immediately after the HoH competition, Erica’s allies spoke to her about possibly targeting Veronica this week. While Erica was open to the idea, she did not want to commit to it just yet. From the start, Erica had her mind set on nominating Maddy and Merron. Erica and her allies agreed that Veronica would have to be backdoored if they decide to target her. Hamza attempted to convince Erica to nominate him so that he could compete in the veto competition. He said Erica could use him as a weapon in order to win the competition. Erica told Hamza that she will not nominate him. When Erica brought up that she doesn’t know how she feels about Maddy, Hamza told her that targeting Maddy would be a waste of an HoH. Erica then asked Hamza how he feels about Veronica. Hamza said Veronica is a bit of a wild card, and targeting her would be a great game move. Hamza stressed that if you take a shot at Veronica, you can’t miss. Erica said she is 100% sure that the rogue vote was Veronica. At the nomination ceremony, Erica nominated Maddy and Merron for eviction. Erica had earlier discussed using Merron as a pawn since he doesn’t have a lot of allies in the house, and she doesn’t have much of a game relationship with him.

In addition to the HoH and the two nominees, Ali, Olivia and Ryan were chosen to compete in the veto competition. After the veto players were selected, Ali and Olivia continued to discuss that they would like to see Veronica be backdoored this week. At the veto competition, the houseguests were required to untangle the fishing line that they were attached to. The first three to do so would then advance to the final round. Erica, Maddy and Olivia moved on. In the final round, the competitors had to jump onto and over their fishing reel in order to reel in their fish. The first houseguest to do so would then win the Power of Veto. The competition was never in doubt, as Erica had a large lead throughout. Erica won the Power of Veto.

After the veto competition, Ali and Olivia spoke to Erica about backdooring Veronica. They assured her that she would have the support of the house if she made the move against Veronica. Hamza told Erica that if she decides to use the veto, she should go out swinging. Hamza said Erica will get lots of respect if she gets a big threat out before they get the chance to take her out. At the veto ceremony, Erica shocked a number of the houseguests by using the Power of Veto on Maddy. She then nominated Veronica as the replacement nominee. Erica explained that going the safe route is not really her style, so she went for the big move.

While there were some talks about possibly keeping Veronica, the idea failed to gain traction. Veronica was evicted by a vote of 9-1. Will cast the sole vote to evict Merron. Following Veronica’s eviction, the houseguests were informed that it was double eviction night. A week’s worth of Big Brother was played in less than an hour. Olivia won the HoH competition. She was tasked with immediately nominating two of her fellow houseguests for eviction. Olivia chose to nominate Merron and Ryan. The HoH, the two nominees, Ali, Hamza and Paras then competed in the veto competition. Ryan won the Power of Veto. At the veto ceremony, he used the veto on himself. Olivia was forced to choose a replacement nominee. She nominated Hamza next to his ride or die, despite Merron’s plea to keep Hamza off of the block. When it came time to vote, Erica was the only one to vote for Hamza to stay. Hamza was evicted by a vote of 8-1. There are now 11 houseguests remaining in the battle for $100,000.