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The truth about late night

When it comes to the news, beyond the laws and regulations regarding how stories are reported, there is a level of political correctness.

When it comes to the news, beyond the laws and regulations regarding how stories are reported, there is a level of political correctness.  Be it the language used or the tone of the report, news outlets have to be aware of the bridges they cannot burn for fear of undermining future stories. 

Despite this, Trump recently refused admission to the Washington Post at his political events because he didn’t like their reporting.  And they’re not alone.  He’s blacklisted with The Huffington Post, National Review, The New York Times, and The New Tri-State Defender among others.

Fortunately, not everyone is cowed by Trump.  In solidarity, Seth Meyers of Late Night fame banned the GOP candidate from his show.  Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert recently outlined Trump’s comments regarding radical Islam in America on a blackboard and ended up with a diagram that looked suspiciously like a swastika. 

Yes, it appears comedians have taken off the gloves in recent days.  They’re taking a more serious note and angrily calling Trump on his lies, contradictions and hate-mongering.  Which makes you wonder about the validity of the stories from those news outlets with whom The Donald is still talking. 

Meanwhile, those same late night comics have also waded into the rather creative commentary from Florida officials in the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. (Apparently, they’re ranking them now.)

On Monday, a reporter asked the Governor what could be done to stop future mass shootings.  His response?  “Law enforcement is doing their job.”

The next time you hear a politician or anyone political-adjacent make a statement to the press, immediately ask yourself: What does that mean?  If their answer doesn’t involve action verbs – that is, words that describe a specific physical or mental act – the question wasn’t answered.

“Doing” is not an action verb.  Still, the Governor did add, “there will be plenty of time to think about how to improve our society.” 
Apparently not, since this was the second high-profile shooting in Orlando that weekend.  So no, sir, 104 victims would suggest that time

is not on your side.

But the reporter did not point out this contradiction.  It wasn’t his job. 

However, an angry Samantha Bee of Full Frontal did.  The comedian also expressed what many of us think during her colourful tirade when she demanded, “Stop thinking and DO SOMETHING!”

While Canada has, thus far, been mass-murder-free this month, we too could use such frank talk to clear the rhetoric surrounding our own politicians.

What would Colbert say about our Prime Minister’s touting of our refugee program while repeatedly ignoring pointed questions about the Yazidi girls currently being kept as ISIS sex slaves?  Would Ms. Bee notice the horrific irony in the recent outcry about five suicides in Woodstock this year while Attawapiskat doubles that in a single weekend?

Now more than ever, we need the B.S. filter afforded to late night comedy.  The news may have the facts.  But comedians have the reality.  Political correctness be damned.