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FiTV: Live theatre takes over TV

FiTV: Live theatre takes over TV

In the week leading up to the 73rd Annual Tony Awards, James Corden made the late night talk tour to peddle his return as the show’s host.
FiTV: Are they or aren’t they?

FiTV: Are they or aren’t they?

An age-old question has reared its ugly head in the media yet again: Are Bert and Ernie Gay? According to one former Sesame Street writer, the answer is a resounding “Yes.
<b>FiTV:</b> Women's sports largely ignored

FiTV: Women's sports largely ignored

Women’s sports have always been treated as a poor relation on television. Except for the occasional brief moments of bra-baring soccer players or Olympic records, women’s sports are largely ignored in the media.
<b>FiTV:</b> Best actors

FiTV: Best actors

This summer, more and more discussions have come up regarding the casting of actors for certain roles. These announcements used to help drum up excitement for a new project. But now, in some cases, it’s all but undermining production.
<b>FiTV:</b> Cave Boys: The Movie

FiTV: Cave Boys: The Movie

It was a day few thought would ever come. The last child emerged from the cave to resounding cheers heard around the world. Everyone one of the boys and their coach were alive and safe.
<b>FiTV:</b> The death of the pageant queen

FiTV: The death of the pageant queen

The Miss America Pageant has recently had some work done. And unlike some beauties, they’re not afraid to admit it.
<b>FiTV</b> Life lessons in black and white

FiTV Life lessons in black and white

My childhood was not, shall we say, typical. Few cartoons or childish shows; no high-end expensive new toys or lavish playsets. (I was the hand-me-down kid.
<b>FiTV:</b> Hollywood's most recent fallen idiots

FiTV: Hollywood's most recent fallen idiots

Hollywood is full of people we idolize. They’re rich, beautiful, and speak out against injustices. Some play characters that inspire us. Others comment on society’s failings while we nod in agreement thinking, “This person gets it.
<b>FiTV:</b> TV's changing definition of "Mom"

FiTV: TV's changing definition of "Mom"

My mother and I have always been close. However, as I’ve grown older, the word “Mom” has had different connotations. Some I’ve experienced personally. Some I’ve discovered on TV.
<b>FiTV:</b> The Emmy honours?

FiTV: The Emmy honours?

NBC recently announced their pick for the hosts of this fall’s Emmy Awards. Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost will share referee and bouncer duties at this year’s awards show.