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Dorset Pier Mental Health is recognized as a Community Leader through their investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to their participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content that were underserved in the past. Dorset Pier Mental Health proudly supports Women and Girls and the inspiring stories about the unique history, culture and traditions of Indigenous communities in Thunder Bay.

Welcome to Dorset Pier Mental Health

We are a private mental health clinic located in Thunder Bay, Ontario that focuses primarily on your comfort and well-being while incorporating trauma-informed, evidence-based practice. We recognize the strength it takes to seek counselling services; as such, we have ‘created’ a safe and comfortable space that utilizes that strength to encourage your own personal growth and development.

Dorset Pier Mental Health values the authentic use of space to cultivate opportunities for self-growth, determination, autonomy and development. We value meaningful and purposeful connection, client growth and creating a culture of respect and honesty.

At Dorset Pier Mental Health, we understand that the impact of one’s physical environment is often overlooked when it comes to addressing mental health concerns.

Research shows that when our environment feels dark, we can feel dark; when our environment feels chaotic, we can feel chaotic; and, when our environment doesn’t feel judgment-free, we can feel judged.

Thus, our staff have spent a significant amount of time ensuring that our counselling offices are warm, welcoming and comforting.


Our Team

SimonSimon our Therapy Bunny is ready for appointments.
HarlowHarlow is the Chocolate Lab and is training and will be ready in June

Dorset Pier Mental Health-Harlow

Our People

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