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La Poutine


16 St. Paul St.
Thunder Bay, ON
Cuisine: Breakfast, Burgers, Canadian / American
Specialities: Breakfast, Burgers, Local Ingredients, Poutine, Vegetarian

Little did Brigitte know when her parents uprooted her from Montreal to Gaspésie to pursue their own dream of owning a fishing resort, she would find her passion; food! As the seasons changed, so did the chefs. Each sharing their own philosophy about food. In 1984, she enrolled at the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec. After graduation, and for the next four years, she worked in resorts across Canada. Although surrounded with exotic cuisine, she missed her favourite comfort food; poutine.

Outside of Québec, Poutine appeared on the menu but in many cases, the version presented was ... just a coagulated goo of gravy and shredded cheese. She returned home but true love would tear her from Montréal once more when she married and settled in Red Rock, ON. She opened her first restaurant in 1997 along with a few other ( Double Edge Café, Nip-Rock High School cafeteria, Main drive-in and the Nipigon Drive-In where the Champ challenge was born.

Since then, Brigitte shared her cultural dish with thousands of people. A firm believer of learning the rules before bending them, Brigitte opened la Poutine in October 2016 with 31 Poutines, 9 burgers, Montréal steamy and more… A overwhelming menu that could have been detrimental to the business but instead was an instant hit. Brigitte now creates new versions of poutine each month with the same goal in mind - to appreciate the traditional poutine.

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