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Janes brand breaded chicken products recalled due to possible salmonella

OTTAWA — Breaded chicken products sold under the Janes brand name are being recalled due to possible contamination from salmonella.
Kids not getting enough exercise, spend too much time with screens: new data

Kids not getting enough exercise, spend too much time with screens: new data

New data shows most Canadian children and youth are still not getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Two studies from Statistics Canada reveal they are also spending more time in front of digital screens than experts like.

Glioblastoma, brain tumour that took Gord Downie's life, tough to treat: doctors

TORONTO — The death of Canadian singer-songwriter Gord Downie from glioblastoma is a grim reminder of the daunting nature of the invasive brain tumour, which has one of the poorest survival rates of any cancer.

Before-and-after study by university shows firefighters absorb toxins

OTTAWA — New research has confirmed what firefighters have long suspected — exposure to flames and smoke leaves them with elevated levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies.

Marijuana rules will be 'a work in progress,' Vancouver councillor

VANCOUVER — The looming deadline for legalized marijuana has local governments in British Columbia crafting wish lists for provincial legislation, from where pot should be grown to how it should be sold.

Canadian researchers develop new model for early-stage lung cancer detection

VANCOUVER — Canadian researchers have developed a predictive model for detecting lung cancer in early stages when the disease has a greater potential to be curable.

Ontario family asks court for more time to conduct tests on brain-dead woman

BRAMPTON, Ont. — Movements made by a 27-year-old Toronto-area woman declared brain dead last month are nothing more than a reflex and should not be mistaken for signs of life, the doctor who was in charge of her care told a court Tuesday. Dr.

Google Maps calorie feature yanked out of concern for users with eating disorders

TORONTO — A mental health advocate says Google made the right decision to shut down a calorie count feature in its map application that critics said could be damaging to users with eating disorders.

School district praises football coach who pulled team because of head injuries

FREDERICTON — A New Brunswick high school football coach's decision to forfeit a game at halftime because of head injuries among his players is casting a fresh spotlight on how sports teams handle concussions.

CFIA: Certain farm-raised oysters recalled due to biotoxin

OTTAWA — Federal health officials say some farm-raised Pacific oysters are being recalled due to a marine biotoxin which causes paralytic shellfish poisoning.