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Let's Eat: Lento Wood Fired Pizza serves up tradition on the move

Saverio Lento has baking and business in his family history. His father owned Lento’s Bakery, now the home of Donato’s, and he grew up in the industry.

Saverio Lento has baking and business in his family history. His father owned Lento’s Bakery, now the home of Donato’s, and he grew up in the industry. Saverio is carrying on the family legacy with Lento Wood Fired Pizza, a custom designed mobile pizza trailer that’s perfect for any occasion.

Lento grew up working in his dad’s businesses.

“The bakery, the pizza, it’s always been in the family. Back in the day when my dad was in Italy, the used to cook with a wood fired oven, so he always wanted one in the back yard and he built one years ago,” he says.

Lento credits his family for inspiring the wood fired pizza trailer. Large family gatherings required a lot of food, and his dad’s wood fired oven was the highlight of the gatherings.

Aside from pizza, soccer is Lento’s other passion. His background working with the Thunder Bay Chill Soccer Club, as a youth director and coach for over 20 years informed his choice to move into other ways to serve the community when Covid shut down sporting events.

Lento took this time off to perfect pizza recipes, while his family and friends urged him to consider starting a business. “As the years went on, I always had it in the back of my mind, either do a little pizzeria or what I’m doing now, a wood fired pizza-oven trailer, food truck style.”

He took the plunge in May 2022, leaving his soccer career to dedicate himself full-time to Lento’s Wood Fired Pizza. Boreal North Welding was tasked with designing and building the frame and trailer.

Not only is Saverio’s father is also a cement finisher and his uncle is a brick layer, so the whole family’s expertise has culminated together when building Lento’s Wood Fired Pizza trailer. He credits his family and friends for their enthusiasm about the project, and the help along the way.

“My girlfriend helps, my mom and dad, my bothers and sisters — when I started last year they wanted to be there every day to help,” laughs Lento, “I have a schedule, I tell them the events and I see whose available, they can juggle their schedules, so I’m hanging out with my family and working more than I ever have.”

Lentos credits his signature dough for the unique appeal of his pizza.

“It’s home made, we make everything home-made. We use an Italian double-zero flour. I was getting it from Fresco’s deli, they were shipping it straight from Italy for me.”

The double zero flour is made for high-heat temperatures and remains light after baking. The grains of the flour are very fine, giving the crust and shell a smooth and crispy texture. This is the preferred type of flour in Europe for baking with wood-fired ovens.

His Margherita pizza is popular, with imported fresh mozzarella, fior di latte.

“I have six pizzas now on the menu that I’ve been working on that seem to be going really well.” 

Other options include the Diavola, salami and pepperoni, and they also have their frozen wood fired pizzas for purchase at Fresco’s Deli.

For where to find Lento’s Wood Fired Pizza next or if you’d like to have them at your next event be sure to check their Facebook page for more information. There may be a Lento’s Wood Fired Pizzeria in the future so watch for updates!

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