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Letter to the editor: Stop ostracizing local Bombardier plant

Union leader takes on Toronto media, politicians in defence of workers.
Dominic Pasqualino
Dominic Pasqualino. (Leith Dunick,

THUNDER BAY -- Angry Torontonians, irritated politicians and biased journalists – all frustrated with Bombardier, I get it. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t speak up and defend the 1,100 dedicated men and women in Thunder Bay as they work tirelessly to deliver quality streetcars. Yes, we had difficult times, but, we have turned around.

The consistent scrutiny and company bashing doesn’t just impact business, it impacts workers and their families, their communities, local suppliers, as well as, the entire ecosystem in this province. I wonder how many Ontarians are aware of the consequences around such a negative singled out narrative.

In the last decades, we produced more than 1,000 passenger rail cars in Thunder Bay for Ontarians, by Ontarians: like the TTC Rocket and the Go Transit Bi Level cars – of which close to 1.5 million Ontarians rely on for their daily commute.

Ostracizing the company will not help the province in the long run. It is time to step back and take a moment to get to know Bombardier, its proud workforce and how it makes a difference in Ontario.

Dominic Pasqualino,
President Unifor Local 1075
Thunder Bay Bombardier Plant