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Letter to the editor: Alcohol and movie theatres

Cineplex has licensed VIP theatres across the country.

To the editor:

If folks could venture out of the Thunder Bay bubble (eye rolling), they would see that Cineplex has licensed VIP theatres across the country! This isn't something new! If you do not wish to pay the extra to attend a movie in one of these, the choice is open and yours.

Since I am an adult and above the age-of-majority, I love the option of having a beer while enjoying a movie. I like that there would be no kids in this particular theatre too!

While I acknowledge your concerns about drinking and driving, admittedly this works better in the larger cities where public transportation is much better, but I would think that responsible adults would take the same care and concern they would exercise when having a drink(s) socially in restaurants or other licensed establishments.

Welcome Thunder Bay to the Cineplex/Silver City luxuries not previously available unless you go to the "big" cities!

Tanis Jones,
Thunder Bay