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Letter to the Editor: Community at risk

I would like to call out shelter house and superior points needle exchange programs.
Letters to the editor

To the editor:

I would like to call out Shelter House and Superior Points Harm Reduction Program.

Although I think these programs are helpful they are putting the rest of the community at risk with the way they are run.

Lately, an extreme number of syringes have been found in laneways, front yards, and on streets and many pictures have been taken to prove this.

Why is it that people are given syringes with no control put in place to have them returned to shelter house or superior points?

The system used is putting my child at risk of coming into contact with one.

Why are people not given syringes and being documented and then must return the same amount they were given.

I understand and believe in harm reduction for addicts and trying to protect the addicts' privacy but is causing the rest of society to live at risk.

If you are going to enable addicts to use drugs safely please start to think of the rest of the community's safety as well.

I for one am fed up of catering to people who show no respect for the majority of the population by ensuring the syringes are returned to these programs.

I'm confident you will begin to run your programs more responsibly in the near future and please don't let me down or the shelter house for one will lose the support of this taxpayer.

Lawrence Anderson,
Thunder Bay