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Letter to the Editor: Injured and disabled workers snubbed by Premier

Injured and disabled workers snubbed by Premier
Letters to the editor - with text

To the editor:

Leith Dunick from TB News reported on January 31st of this year that Kathleen Wynne, at her Town Hall session here in Thunder Bay, was asked by Eugene Lefrancois, a representative of the Thunder Bay and Injured Workers Group and past president of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups to meet with ONIWG to discuss serious issues that both groups have with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The request was specific in that it asked that the Premier herself meet with ONIWG. It was clear to those present that she said she would meet with them.

We have followed up with the Premier’s office on numerous occasions since then with absolutely no response. On Monday, March 26, the NDP Labour Critic, Cindy Forster, asked the Premier in the House if she would meet with the Injured Workers as she had promised. Rather than answer the question the Premier had her Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn, respond. The Minister of Labour did not answer the question but rather responded by talking about his various meetings with the injured workers over the years. We are left to wonder – Why does she refuse to meet with injured workers and when will she personally meet with injured workers as she promised on Jan. 31?

Steve Mantis,
Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group