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Letter to the editor: Libraries are important

Growing up in a country like Bangladesh,one of the think I missed was getting access to read the best writers in the world in English.
Letters to the editor

To the editor:

Growing up in a country like Bangladesh, one of the things I missed was getting access to read the best writers in the world in English. So when I got the chance to move here something that fascinated was getting the chance to read so many favourites books of world's best writers!

As a visible minority, I know the library is the most welcoming place anywhere in the world for me and I would never feel afraid or nervous spending my time there. This city has a racism issue and denying the fact would be an even bigger mistake and showing utter disrespect to the victim of racism. When I have no money to buy a coffee or socializing I know library is the place where I can go read books, spend my times there and nobody would ask me why I’m there!

I spent most of the time in my last year reading books in the public library to improve my English, improving my communication skills and trying to meet some new friends.

When it comes to making Thunder Bay a better inclusive place to live, Thunder Bay Public library is a great leader showing us exactly how to bring back the trust to our community. More organization should learn from the public library how to make their own organization more inclusive and welcoming. Having sticker on a door sign doesn’t make a place welcoming for me.

Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal.
Thunder Bay

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