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Letter to the editor: Not the right time for indoor turf facility

Not the right time for indoor turf facility.
Letters to the editor

To the editor:

I'll be brief, just two points.

One, to those Conservatives out there, the city super soccer plex will directly compete with a private business and stop it from being built. Is that not your biggest fear, big bad government unfairly competing against poor citizens just trying to make a dollar?

Two, to everyone else out there, this is so far from the right time to do this it should just be back burnered for an "as yet to be determined" time. We are going headlong into a recession. We still don't know the true costs of what COVID-19 will be. We can't even figure out how far we still have to go fighting COVID-19. The city's roads are a disgrace.

There are so many other things that need attention in this city that the building of this complex will hurt the cities image abroad, not improve it. I don't have words for how embarrassing this is that while asking for money from higher levels of government, while holding a debt on past projects this city has done in the past, this council and mayor think it's a good idea to push a multimillion dollar project that the city doesn't have the money for either.

Wake up people!

This city is asking for money for financial relief, at the same time as money for a recreation facility and is planning on asking for more financial aid later. All during a pandemic.

Sean Scalzo,
Thunder Bay

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