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Letter to the Editor: School closures have devastating impacts on communities

School closures have devastating impacts on communities.
Patrick Brown 005

For students, school closures can mean more time on a bus, and less time for homework, a part-time job, or hockey and soccer practice. For parents, it means putting everything on hold as they fight for their child’s future, only to be ignored.

Our schools represent the heart of towns, communities, and cities across the province. But the current review process ignores this.

In 2015, the Wynne Liberals released new Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines. The changes ignore a school’s value to the community and economy, while limiting consultation. Simply put, this new process is unfair and undemocratic.

The reality is the government are fast tracking school closures to pay for their years of scandal and waste. It’s unfortunate that this coming on the backs of students.

This is why the Ontario PC Caucus put forward a motion to place a moratorium on school closures, and to review the flawed guidelines that determine the fate of our local schools.

Sadly, Liberal MPPs Bill Mauro and Michael Gravelle voted against this motion. They voted to continue the flawed review process that decides the fate of local schools.

This callous decision is especially surprising given Premier Wynne’s past-activism in the education sector, as well as her history as a school trustee and the Minister of Education. Clearly, Kathleen Wynne is not the politician she promised she’d be.

For parents, students, and communities, life is harder under the Liberals, but the Ontario PCs will continue to stand up and be their voice at Queen’s Park.

Patrick Brown
Ontario PC Leader
Ontario PC Critic for Education