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Letter to the editor: Serious issues plaguing commercial transportation industry

Truckers for Safer Highways have been providing solutions, identifying what factors are leading collisions and dangerous situations.
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To the editor,

With the Provincial election underway, we think it's necessary to point out the serious issues plaguing the commercial transportation industry. This is certainly something that should be of concern to the incoming provincial government, whomever that may be.

The amount of collisions involving commercial vehicles has increased dramatically in recent years, with no intervention by any government agencies. Truckers for Safer Highways has continually attempted to open a dialogue with the current provincial government led by Doug Ford to no avail. We have written papers with ideas for solutions identifying what we believe are major factors leading to collisions and dangerous situations. Some of these are new drivers with insufficient training, regardless of the Liberal mandated M.E.L.T. program. As well as an extreme lack of enforcement officers available throughout the province to ensure commercial vehicle operators are adhering to all rules and regulations implemented by government.

It is past time that the provincial government takes these issues seriously as they are dramatically affecting the lives of the public that uses these highways as well as those of us who travel them daily as professional drivers. This is a very serious issue and we would be very interested to hear what the candidates plan to do to improve industry safety.


Travis McDougall
Truckers for Safer Highways

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