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LETTER: Users of Hwy. 102 should be able to complete survey even if they are from out of town

I have seen some crazy actions conducted by commercial vehicle operators.

To the editor,

In regards to the survey for residents along Highway 102, even though I am not a local resident along this highway, I should be given the right as a user of this roadway (3 to 4 times a year) to express my thoughts as to the safety of those living along this route.

I have seen some crazy actions conducted by commercial vehicle operators and they were as I would say in the safety world - "close calls."

  1. Just west of the Leppanen's store and services, a transport was passing another vehicle on a curve and it was foggy (November 2023).
  2. Another transport passing on a curve at Mud Lake (July 2023 - raining).
  3. The biggest factor affecting the activity on this roadway is the fact that it is a "short cut" to Hwy 11/17 Sistonen's Corner, and it cuts down on the hill climbing from Kakabeka Falls (in the transport industry, time/fuel is very important).

My question is simple - what action(s) are being addressed from council in proposing a by-law stating that it is " mandatory " for transports to use the Harbour Expressway By-pass as it was initially intended and it is still Hwy 11/17?

I feel that the by-pass in all intent and purposes, is a waste of Ontarian's tax dollars, let alone the tax payers from T.Bay because some "thing" has been built to improve safety , yet who is enforcing this "thing" to show that this project was of value?

I am hopeful that the ones who are requesting the comments put forward by the residents along this roadway , "walk the walk and talk the talk"? That old saying, if we build it, they will come, how much truth was behind the original plan for the by-pass in the first place?

Thank you 

Gary Kader
Timmins, Ont.

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