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VIDEO: Black bear tries to enter Dorion home

Woman records close encounter at her doorstep

DORION, Ont. -- When Marysol Deeley heard noise outside her bedroom window on the weekend, she found herself face-to-face with a small black bear.

The encounter wasn't the first time the Dorion woman had seen a bear near her home, but after ensuring it was safe, she decided to record and post some video.

It didn't take long for hundreds of people to check it out on YouTube and see the bear's reaction when he realized he was only a few feet away from a human.

Deeley is surprised by all the attention the video is getting, but thinks it's "Probably because I caught it (on camera) at the door, just the way it looks staged almost," she told Tbnewswatch.

The bear looked stunned, she said, adding that "Most of the time they run away or they're gone before you get out there."

The incident began Saturday morning as Deeley was lying in bed and heard a bang outside, followed by tapping on the window.

"It actually tried to get in the bedroom window. I knew it was there so I went to some of the other windows to see if there were other bears around."

After ensuring her visitor was on its own, she went to the other side of the house, opened the front door and began recording.

But Deeley said she also made sure she made enough noise to frighten it away. "I wanted to scare it. That was the intention."

Had the bear been any younger, she said, she knew it was likely that its mother would be nearby, in which case she would not have risked such a close encounter.



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