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City has 427 employees on this year's sunshine list

Firefighters, who got retroactive pay once their contract was finally settled, police and paramedics make up 86 per cent of municipal employees who topped $100,000 in 2017.
Thunder Bay city hall. (FILE)

THUNDER BAY – The lion’s share of the 427 City of Thunder Bay’s employees who earned $100,000 or more in 2017 worked in emergency services.

Between the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue and Superior North EMS, a total of 367 employees, including 157 from TBPS, made the annual public sector salary disclosure list, which requires provincial and municipal government departments to reveal the names of those making above $100,000.

City manager Norm Gale topped the municipality’s sunshine list entries, making $233,821 last year, just $11 more than Police Chief J.P. Levesque took home.

Levesque spent much of the year suspended with pay while awaiting the outcome of a breach of trust trial that eventually saw him vindicated and the charges dismissed.

Deputy Police Chief Sylvie Hauth, who filled in for Levesque during his legal battle, earned $221,530, while Fire Chief John Hay made $184,450.

A large number of the firefighters on the list were there because of back pay earned once their contract was settled.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre president and CEO Jean Bartkowiak took home the top local public salary, earning $375,000, while the hospital’s vice-president Mark Henderson made $319,999.

A total of 168 employees at Thunder Bay Regional were included on the 2017 sunshine list, 78 more than St. Joseph’s Care Group, whose president and CEO Tracy Buckler made $315,123 last year. Buckler wasn’t the highest-paid employee at St. Joseph’s Care Group, an honour that went to senior medical director John Haggarty, who made $365,102. Several psychiatrists also topped Buckler’s salary.  

Former Lakehead University president Brian Stevenson, who stepped down on Dec. 31, was also one of the city’s top earning publicly paid employees, bringing in $360,041 in his final year at the helm. The university had 334 people who topped the $100,000 threshold.

Outgoing Confederation College president Jim Madder, who last fall oversaw a five-week, province-wide strike earned $226,923. A total of 38 college employees made the 2017 list.

Thunder Bay’s provincial cabinet ministers were also once again on the spreadsheet. Minister of Northern Development and Mines Michael Gravelle and Minister of Municipal Affairs Bill Mauro each took home $165,851.

In total, more than 1,280 Thunder Bay-based workers made the 2017 public sector salary disclosure list for 2017. 

Lower Jane $113,789.85 $437.92 Lakehead District School Board Student Success Lead/Misa Board Lead
Lucas Riley $100,604.40 $78.07 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Ludwig Jacky $103,243.37 $170.74 Lakehead District School Board Elementary School Teacher
Macrae Ian $197,385.04 $738.72 Lakehead District School Board Director
Marks Naiomi $109,040.72 $421.04 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Masters Scott $102,436.80 $81.72 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Mccallum David $108,208.65 $85.29 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Mcdonnell Ryan $103,219.59 $78.07 Lakehead District School Board Acting Vice Principal
Mckay-Legros Rhonda $104,579.50 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Mcmahon-Dupuis Anne Marie $120,727.35 $467.24 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Mcnally Michael $105,755.38 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Michaluk Curtis $100,480.33 $80.12 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Miller Todd $117,416.13 $427.87 Lakehead District School Board Elementary School Teacher
Moorhouse Mark $106,084.37 $307.98 Lakehead District School Board Vice Principal
Noel Jeremy $102,030.36 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Nunan Bryan $102,436.80 $81.72 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Nutley Lisa $107,567.80 $416.00 Lakehead District School Board Vice Principal
Oades Elaine $120,727.21 $467.24 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Oades Michael $114,054.56 $441.32 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Olenik David $104,579.53 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Pharand Sherri-Lynne $157,990.61 $614.28 Lakehead District School Board Super of Education
Piper Kelly $100,638.56 $78.07 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Probizanski Michelle $126,756.34 $490.52 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Pugliese Andrea $119,085.74 $460.76 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Radbourne Christy $124,727.19 $467.24 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Russell-Pritoula Corrine $102,409.22 $156.35 Lakehead District School Board Acting Vice Principal
Rutter Maggie $106,895.91 $413.88 Lakehead District School Board Vice Principal
Sabaz Carys $129,757.88 $156.35 Lakehead District School Board Elementary School Teacher
Sacevich Nicholas $100,012.23 $429.00 Lakehead District School Board Vice Principal
Seeley Richard $104,579.50 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Shannon Vicki $121,532.31 $471.08 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Shimkoff Gregory $100,660.17 $78.07 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Smelow Meghan $106,198.20 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Smith Andrea $100,224.21 $156.35 Lakehead District School Board Elementary School Teacher
Szyszka Coral $125,954.68 $487.80 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Tassone Angelina $120,727.35 $467.24 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Timko Jason $101,673.29 $84.17 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Tuomi Mary Ann $102,030.28 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Turk Daniel $104,579.45 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Upton Jeffrey $113,185.85 $437.92 Lakehead District School Board Education Officer
Valnycki Helen $102,746.80 $399.98 Lakehead District School Board Manager of Human Resources and Payroll
Walker Vicky $101,678.32 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
White Nancy $104,967.62 $83.36 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Workman David $102,662.13 $81.72 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Wright David $151,673.99 $591.00 Lakehead District School Board Superintendent of Business
Wyszomirski Darren $104,594.23 $0.00 Lakehead District School Board Secondary School Teacher
Zamojski Scott $107,551.76 $313.58 Lakehead District School Board Principal
Delgaty Pam $115,826.97 $13,623.47 Lakehead Nurse Pracititioner Led Clinic Nurse Practitioner
Kaukinen Crystal $104,514.79 $3,591.23 Lakehead Nurse Pracititioner Led Clinic Nurse Practitioner
Thayer Carolan $105,793.46 $3,591.23 Lakehead Nurse Pracititioner Led Clinic Nurse Practitioner
Cook Tammy $106,602.38 $7,518.35 Lakehead Region Conservation Authority Chief Administrative Officer
Stevenson Brian $360,041.39 $1,186.40 Lakehead University President and Vice-Chancellor
Mcpherson Moira $245,041.39 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Eaglewoman Angelique $237,665.47 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Dean of Law
Dean Andrew P. $217,041.31 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Vice-President (Research and Innovation)
Islam Syed $210,954.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Pozihun Katherine $210,041.47 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Vice President, Administration and Finance
Dadgostar Bahram $206,389.15 $0.00 Lakehead University Dean of Business
Bedard Michel $202,708.03 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Dean of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Barnett David $202,708.03 $972.88 Lakehead University Dean of Engineering
Comuzzi Deborah $200,041.47 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Vice-President External Relations
Fedderson Kim $200,040.43 $621.00 Lakehead University Principal
Brownlee Edward $190,722.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Panu Umed $189,783.03 $0.00 Lakehead University Professor
Benson Maurice $186,907.99 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Saliba Henri $184,708.03 $552.00 Lakehead University Professor
Mallik Azim $184,708.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Richardson John $181,773.55 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Fiaidhi Jinan $181,046.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Natarajan Krishnamoorthy $180,142.27 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Dang Qing $179,811.55 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Johnston Margaret $179,631.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Mohammed Sabah $178,578.19 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Aldridge James $178,484.20 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Vice-Provost International
Pulkki Reino $178,463.47 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Professor
Chen Aicheng $177,704.76 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor-Canada Research Chair
Rakshit Sudip $177,308.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Shahi Chander $177,021.55 $1,085.28 Lakehead University Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies
Randall Todd $176,927.15 $1,156.04 Lakehead University Dean of Science and Environmental Studies
Miao Tianxuan $175,368.67 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Uddin Mohammad $175,234.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Liu Xiaoping $174,197.71 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
O'Meara John $173,449.23 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Dean of Education
Eccles Barbara $173,041.39 $1,186.40 Lakehead University General Counsel and University Secretary
Liu Kefu $172,964.83 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Kinrade Stephen $172,655.23 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Carastathis Aristocles $171,778.99 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Moazzami Bakhtiar $171,008.83 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Stones Michael $170,983.03 $1,220.16 Lakehead University Professor
Singh Birbal $170,733.03 $0.00 Lakehead University Professor
Morris Douglas $170,733.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Hill Mary Louise $170,733.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Southcott Chris $170,269.95 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Lee Peter $169,858.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Di Matteo Livio $169,532.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Catalan Lionel $169,182.87 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Knutson Glenna $168,991.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Blais Rita $168,753.95 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Associate Vice President Financial Services
Tayebi Abdelhamid $168,516.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Runesson Ulf $168,261.55 $1,179.04 Lakehead University Dean of Natural Resources Management
Wei Ruizhong $167,859.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Grover Sonja $167,687.04 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Luckai Nancy $167,541.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Deputy Provost
Chambers Anne $166,700.67 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Potter Thomas $166,424.77 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Rawana Edward $166,138.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Robson Robert $164,638.79 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hartviksen Kenneth $164,524.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Gillies Antony $164,524.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Isotalo Robert $164,524.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Davis Ron $164,524.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hamilton Scott $164,296.27 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Li Deli $164,175.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Keiller Karen $164,079.11 $1,155.68 Lakehead University University Librarian and Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)
Wakewich Pamela $163,284.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Sayed Naqi $162,935.99 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Huang Wanzhen $162,807.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Alexandrov Dimiter $162,556.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Naser Hassan $162,324.15 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Newhouse Ian $161,879.71 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Professor
Liao Baoqiang $161,709.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Hayman Gordon $161,623.15 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Mazmanian Dwight $161,079.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Puk Thomas $160,812.67 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Wesner Michael $160,436.83 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Harpelle Ronald $160,323.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Jobin-Bevans Dean $159,952.31 $1,091.24 Lakehead University Principal
Epp Juanita $159,126.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Fralick Philip $158,981.79 $1,220.16 Lakehead University Professor
Murchison Heather $158,776.43 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Vice Provost (Institutional Planning and Analysis)
Dawood Isaam $158,395.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hollings Peter $158,226.71 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Liu Liping $158,186.59 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Shannon Michael $157,788.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hecnar Stephen $157,665.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Farrell Jocelyn $157,249.87 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Director - Kinesiology
Blaikie David $156,408.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Omeljaniuk Robert $156,370.27 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Chen Han $155,803.87 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Gao Wa $155,417.71 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Serenko Alexander $155,221.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Meyer Wietse $154,826.43 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hughes Janice $154,678.75 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Benlamri Rachid $153,573.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Mckee Margaret $153,218.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Den Otter Alice $153,086.29 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Geng Lifeng $152,977.15 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Colton Glenn $152,650.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Gallagher Mark $152,648.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Dufresne Todd $152,503.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Christopher Lew $152,455.07 $1,126.64 Lakehead University Director, Bio-refining Institute
Matheson Carney $152,406.35 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Maundrell Richard $152,072.83 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Williams Anthony $152,041.31 $1,186.40 Lakehead University Senior International Advisor
West Douglas $151,707.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Bartley Anthony $151,411.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Epp Walter $151,411.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Mcpherson Dennis $151,411.39 $0.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Gottardo Christine $151,372.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Tan Josephine $151,353.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Schraft Heidi $151,171.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Leung Kam $151,053.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Ryks-Szelekovszky Marian $150,954.11 $1,155.68 Lakehead University Vice Provost - Student Affairs
Wang Jian $150,941.59 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Vis Jo-Ann $150,812.99 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wang Wilson $150,548.67 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Melville Wayne $150,410.34 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Hardie Timothy $150,375.39 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Gong Yanglin $150,341.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Mcqueen Karen $150,087.19 $1,050.88 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Ismail Basel I. $150,058.27 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Paquette Laure $149,741.95 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Christoffersen Carlos $149,632.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Stolar Batia $148,522.07 $1,031.24 Lakehead University Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies
Mackinnon Craig $148,383.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Dean Andrew J. $148,276.87 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Yuan Michael $147,931.19 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Socha Teresa $147,700.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Liu Meilan $147,683.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Agbo Seth $147,451.87 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Tarsitano Andrea $146,697.75 $975.28 Lakehead University Associate Vice-Provost
De Guise Hubert $145,660.27 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Mckay Linda $145,251.99 $1,211.12 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hutchison Leonard $145,110.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wilson Bradley $144,792.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Mclaren Brian $144,706.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Beaulieu Michel $144,320.83 $961.04 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Leggatt Judith $144,285.63 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Spivak Gregory $143,990.19 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Yu Kam $143,749.03 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Lawson Alexandra $143,297.47 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Greenwood David $143,205.51 $1,075.20 Lakehead University Professor - Canada Research Chair
Lariviere Darrell $142,961.47 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Cappadocia Frank $142,455.23 $1,126.64 Lakehead University Associate Vice-President Administration and Community Programs
Richards David $142,412.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Kanavillil Nandakumar $142,275.67 $1,006.00 Lakehead University Professor
Blahuta Jason $142,100.95 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Jarman Jennifer $142,088.03 $1,179.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Bai Hao $141,442.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Siddiqui Sultan $141,321.79 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Albert Mitchell $140,907.95 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Stroink Mirella $140,725.38 $998.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Kajander Elizabeth $140,550.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Law Robert $140,336.59 $1,021.76 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Pernia Juan $140,145.83 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Liu Jianye $139,815.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Lee Gregory $139,634.59 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Tranter David $139,331.23 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Zhang Hui $138,880.65 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Curthoys Lesley $138,820.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Kerr Donald $138,693.87 $1,039.84 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Russell Constance $138,540.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Jiao Changquan $138,497.31 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Poole Karen $138,346.63 $1,168.44 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Mohamedelhassan Eltayeb $138,247.15 $1,049.12 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wang Xuequn $138,179.94 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Leitch Mathew $138,046.51 $1,047.20 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Goodfellow Toby $137,853.85 $684.24 Lakehead University Chief of Staff
Korteweg Elisabeth $137,784.91 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Chen Yin $137,662.11 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Martin Lynn $137,646.55 $1,011.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Koster Rhonda $137,196.07 $995.44 Lakehead University Acting Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities
Boyd Matthew $137,188.51 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Qin Wensheng $136,887.07 $1,054.56 Lakehead University Professor
Linhananta Apichart $136,852.03 $1,041.76 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Guttman Anna $134,825.95 $1,028.80 Lakehead University Professor
Sameshima Pauline $134,782.57 $1,061.16 Lakehead University Professor - Canada Research Chair
Lento Camillo $134,180.87 $963.76 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Neckoway Raymond $134,174.67 $1,024.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Lemee Isabelle $133,825.71 $2,269.99 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Warburton Rachel $133,739.47 $1,049.12 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Zehbe Ingeborg $133,708.03 $1,047.20 Lakehead University Associate Professor-Canada Research Chair
Passmore Graham $133,670.91 $1,047.20 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Van Den Berg Herman $133,599.39 $1,036.16 Lakehead University Associate Professor
El-Ocla Hosam $133,577.55 $1,047.20 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Kurissery Sreekumari $133,132.57 $998.00 Lakehead University Professor
Roy Murari $133,008.03 $1,043.52 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Fan Lida $132,829.71 $1,043.52 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wuorinen Louise $132,478.11 $1,045.44 Lakehead University Librarian IV
Anisca Razvan $131,991.43 $1,027.04 Lakehead University Professor
Roth Jennifer $131,882.23 $1,024.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Kaiser Tim $131,821.61 $1,036.16 Lakehead University Professor
Spadoni Michelle-Marie $131,085.79 $1,034.40 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Stewart Robert $130,999.85 $940.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hayes Douglas $130,829.71 $1,032.48 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Pound Scott $130,821.14 $1,043.52 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hoechsmann Michael $130,308.03 $1,028.80 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wai Zubairu $130,133.05 $892.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Lemelin Raynald $129,837.79 $1,027.04 Lakehead University Professor
Vernier Beatrice $129,609.19 $1,008.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Burnett Kristin $129,576.19 $992.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Aman Asad $129,534.03 $942.72 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Wilson William $129,434.43 $1,024.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Das Gautam $129,376.35 $1,024.32 Lakehead University Professor
Puddephatt Antony $129,188.51 $971.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Berger Paul $129,167.71 $984.88 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Jiang Zi-Hua $129,165.79 $1,021.76 Lakehead University Professor
Reznik Alla $129,129.51 $936.64 Lakehead University Professor - Canada Research Chair
Walton Gerald $128,624.35 $1,008.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Varney Tamara $128,539.75 $976.88 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Oinonen Kirsten $128,431.87 $1,016.48 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Fiddick Laurence $128,408.11 $1,016.48 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Ilie Monica $127,758.99 $1,011.28 Lakehead University Professor
Scott Susan $127,201.28 $1,003.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Akingbola Olakunle $127,008.03 $987.44 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Crowe Kevin $126,532.03 $1,000.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Flegel Monica $126,490.03 $1,000.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Mawhinney Robert $126,465.31 $1,000.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Briggs William $126,448.07 $1,001.56 Lakehead University Director of Physical Plant
Shaw Millo $126,448.07 $1,001.56 Lakehead University Director of Risk Management and Access to Information
Filice Sylvane $126,208.99 $998.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Ivison Douglas $126,102.99 $1,091.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Rizzo Terttu $125,757.96 $0.00 Lakehead University Contract Lecturer, Level Three
Alford Ryan $125,350.61 $952.40 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Conly Andrew $124,781.51 $686.40 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Fatehi Pedram $124,008.03 $924.16 Lakehead University Associate Professor-Canada Research Chair
Petrunia Robert $123,918.03 $1,038.08 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Carney Joseph $123,900.87 $940.40 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Elyasi Siamak $123,858.03 $975.44 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Zaniewski Kamil $123,004.27 $971.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Misina Dalibor $122,733.03 $925.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hovey Angela $122,708.11 $969.04 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Van Barneveld Christina $122,661.79 $1,071.36 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Geer Dreeni $122,505.51 $907.72 Lakehead University Director, Human Rights and Equity
Smith Margaret $121,725.71 $860.96 Lakehead University Vice Provost - Aboriginal Initiatives
Salem Osama $121,483.11 $921.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Deng Jian $120,708.03 $953.28 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Curiel Laura $120,398.11 $953.28 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Kivi Derek $119,771.79 $908.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Klein Rupert $119,758.27 $948.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Fleischer Les $119,658.03 $941.04 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Turvey Rosario $119,500.11 $929.44 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Hannah Daniel $119,470.35 $945.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Parkes Chris $119,389.47 $1,021.76 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Gibbons Valerie $119,234.67 $944.16 Lakehead University Librarian III
Scalese Gisella $119,023.63 $942.40 Lakehead University Librarian III
Kristman Vicki $119,008.03 $940.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Pousa Claudio $118,408.03 $937.44 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Ikki Salama $118,208.03 $849.68 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Sanzo Paolo $118,133.03 $889.12 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Beatty Ruth $117,349.99 $911.04 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Davidson Moira $117,058.03 $926.24 Lakehead University Librarian III
Gagan Kimberley $116,990.87 $924.00 Lakehead University Director of Student Legal Aid Clinic
Murphy-Oikonen Jodie $116,858.03 $842.48 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Narayanan Meyyappan $116,783.03 $882.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Azimi Amir $116,208.03 $818.08 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wiersma Elaine $115,797.79 $916.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Glover Christopher $115,111.25 $710.19 Lakehead University Director, Student Success
Dohan Michael $114,783.03 $866.16 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Brigham Andrew $114,740.63 $3,911.22 Lakehead University Chief Information Officer
Brady Patrick $114,722.91 $958.24 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Yeung Wing Him $114,708.03 $905.76 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Mushquash Christopher $114,555.47 $921.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor-Canada Research Chair
Tocheri Matthew $113,707.95 $842.48 Lakehead University Assistant Professor-Canada Research Chair
Floriano Wely $113,635.69 $961.04 Lakehead University Professor
Lousley Cheryl $113,440.63 $953.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wu Yuanyuan $112,708.03 $890.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Alzghoul Manal $112,708.03 $890.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Brink Peter $112,683.03 $850.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Sanderson Kathy $112,658.09 $849.28 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Viola Maria $112,608.03 $890.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Campbell Michael $112,366.64 $890.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Cain Patrick $112,207.99 $868.88 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Warden Thomas $112,095.47 $886.88 Lakehead University Director, Athletics
Sadhu Ayan $111,858.03 $787.04 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Stevenson Michael $111,712.64 $916.32 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Przysucha Eryk $111,547.87 $877.84 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Shahsahabi Sam $111,008.11 $876.72 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Van Barneveld Angela $110,708.11 $874.16 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Hare David $110,315.27 $582.48 Lakehead University Director, Residence, Conference and Food Services
Appoh Francis $110,315.27 $873.72 Lakehead University Director of Analytical and Testing Services
Phillips Catherine $110,238.31 $968.52 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Brennan Mariette $109,932.54 $921.60 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Helyar Frances $109,790.67 $944.04 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Dowsley Martha $109,663.33 $864.06 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Rusnick-Kinisky Rodi-Lynn $109,118.10 $498.84 Lakehead University Senior Review Counsel
Chambers Joan $109,004.83 $956.28 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Pakzad Leila $108,983.03 $805.60 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Martin Roland $108,821.19 $908.08 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Chapman Frances $108,794.09 $863.86 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Zerpa Carlos $108,308.11 $855.60 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Gold Debra $108,250.67 $856.88 Lakehead University Librarian III
Dylan Daniel $108,041.45 $850.32 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Atoofian Ehsan $108,017.83 $949.36 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Wesley-Esquimaux Cynthia $107,988.12 $1,126.64 Lakehead University Chair on Truth and Reconciliation
Shams Farshid $107,708.11 $850.32 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Gonzalez Ismel $107,635.47 $0.00 Lakehead University Associate Director English Language Centre
Klymenko Anne $107,578.91 $850.20 Lakehead University Director, Office of Research Services
Clifford Lorne $107,578.91 $850.20 Lakehead University Director, Security Services
Perrier Robert $107,578.91 $560.32 Lakehead University Director, International Enrolment
Vasanelli Maria $107,411.75 $2,825.98 Lakehead University Director - Strategy and Learning
Jeppesen Sandra $107,215.59 $924.20 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Sanders Thomas $106,708.03 $842.48 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Cohen Miriam $106,708.03 $842.48 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Sinden Kathryn $106,708.03 $842.48 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Holmes Kristy $105,843.27 $909.00 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Rezazadeh Azar Ehsan $105,783.03 $795.04 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Kortes-Miller Katherine $105,781.24 $763.44 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Thompson David $105,708.03 $834.56 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Sutherland Nisha $105,708.03 $834.56 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Moland Michael $105,706.75 $443.13 Lakehead University Continuing Lecturer Member
Das Pallavi $105,686.35 $928.08 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Lovell-Johnston Meridith $105,208.03 $832.00 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Haiven Max $105,166.64 $792.32 Lakehead University Assistant Professor-Canada Research Chair
Mastrangelo Sonia $104,791.87 $921.24 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Pendea Florin $104,708.11 $826.72 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Visser Beth $104,708.11 $826.72 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Levkoe Charles $104,707.95 $787.04 Lakehead University Assistant Professor Canada Research Chair
Cornwell Adam $104,658.03 $822.48 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Timoshkina Natalya $104,410.59 $892.56 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Janes Sara $104,230.03 $709.28 Lakehead University University Archivist
Rennie Michael $103,041.29 $771.28 Lakehead University Assistant Professor-Canada Research Chair
Herchak Sherry $102,662.05 $768.28 Lakehead University Assistant Director
Zou Qing $102,015.71 $806.88 Lakehead University Librarian III
Jobbitt Steven $101,708.11 $802.88 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Desmoulins Leisa $101,708.11 $802.88 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Halverson Kathryn $101,666.72 $802.88 Lakehead University Lecturer
Russo Jean $101,302.99 $801.60 Lakehead University Librarian III
Jones-Bonofiglio Kristen $101,241.36 $797.60 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Hebert Valerie $101,145.55 $889.16 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Prince Holly $100,712.07 $263.68 Lakehead University Project Manager
Moller Helle $100,710.51 $860.88 Lakehead University Associate Professor
Cormier Paul $100,708.03 $795.04 Lakehead University Assistant Professor
Kiessig Ralph $100,275.89 $636.88 Lakehead University Manager, Treasury and Ancillary Enterprise Funds Accounting
Mutz Janice $100,073.71 $789.12 Lakehead University Librarian IV
Mauro William $165,851.04 $293.68 Legislative Assembly Minister, Municipal Affairs
Gravelle Michael $165,851.04 $293.68 Legislative Assembly Minister, Northern Development and Mines 
Harrington Gerard $193,306.42 $539.78 Liquor Control Board of Ontario  Director, Retail Service Center Durham and Thunder Bay
Gould Robin $100,762.87 $280.50 Local Health Integration Network - North West Ontario Manager of Community Care City of Thunder Bay Sub-region
Mehta Heli $120,057.66 $46.54 Local Health Integration Network - North West Ontario  Director of City of Thunder Bay Sub-region 
Watson Corinne $128,130.94 $57.46 Local Health Integration Network - North West Ontario  Director of District of Thunder Bay Sub-region 
Maunula Michael $117,832.00 $117.00 Lutheran Community Care Centre of Thunder Bay Executive Director 
Schmidt Alexandra $143,409.88 $220.14 Ministry of Government and Consumer Services Director, Thunder Bay Production and Verification Services Branch 
Chambers Cara $110,919.58 $485.31 Ornge Manager, Thunder Bay Base
Arnone Les $104,459.87 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Bakich Catherine $100,024.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Barry Marcy $108,144.63 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Basaraba Dorothy $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Bazaluk Janice $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Belisle Omer $150,642.60 $349.92 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Superintendent of Education
Biesenthal Melanie $100,024.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Blieske Jeff $101,207.66 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Bortolin Terry $101,761.20 $157.44 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Manager of Employee Services
Bragnalo Judith $102,959.33 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Bragnalo Khristopher $107,450.48 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Buset Dino $101,764.93 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Cappello Carlo $105,379.18 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Cavanagh Charlene $113,983.94 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Elementary Coordinator
Chiodo Sheila $142,691.72 $349.92 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Superintendent of Business And Corporate Services
Coggin Andrew $104,649.32 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Colistro Tony $101,636.41 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Corbett Catherine $101,726.90 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Corness Christina $108,936.28 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Coulter Sharon $101,501.47 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Diana Steven $106,072.43 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Drcar Joseph $101,761.20 $157.44 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Manager
Filipetti Michael $122,968.22 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Fredrickson Jacqueline $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Furtado Martin $101,994.67 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Gatto Ryan $110,106.50 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Gordon Cynthia $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Grant Don $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Grillo Aldo $109,994.38 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association President
Hole Robert $100,750.36 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Hygaard Rory $114,453.87 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Ianni John $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Izydorczak Jerry $100,024.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Koster Kevin $122,984.53 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Lacaria Frank $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Leschuk Deborah $101,994.67 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Love-Jedruch Flora $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Mackett Paul $103,322.90 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Mcwhirter Ryan $122,569.60 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Murphy Robert $107,508.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Secondary Coordinator
Nerino Gino $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Oster Eric $100,128.78 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Parnham Barbara $100,024.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Perzan Martino $102,052.35 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Prochilo Peter $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Provenzano Alma $112,677.60 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Pugliese Dino $101,961.14 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Rabachuk Tracey $104,529.12 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Rizzo Anthony $106,892.86 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Vice Principal
Rodeghiero Nadia $100,280.23 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Ruberto Frank $102,773.10 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Rudnicka-Spiess Donna $100,024.80 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Russo Tony $115,970.56 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Rybar Christopher $101,764.93 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Sargent Allison $129,868.63 $127.61 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Superintendent of Education
Slomke Roger $101,516.17 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Slongo Ivana $101,994.67 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Strickland Barb $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Tassone Giuseppe $183,142.05 $349.92 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Director of Education
Taylor Shelley $113,866.03 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Tennier Jean Paul $142,691.72 $349.92 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Superintendent of Education
Treesh Anita $107,186.69 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Tremonti Letizia $114,460.24 $218.76 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Principal
Turcotte Kris $101,726.58 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Verardo Ramon $101,516.17 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Vidotto Sara $101,994.10 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Weatherston Robert $101,994.67 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Yeo Dina $101,570.87 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Teacher
Carr Cindy $102,719.35 $0.00 Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Student Achievement Officer 
Murray Thomas $144,013.30 $847.54 Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission Inc Chief Executive Officer
Mason John $133,745.12 $0.00 Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission Inc Project Manager Mining Services
Chamberlain Nancy $117,000.02 $7,607.04 Thunder Bay Counselling Centre Executive Director
Avella Phil $110,035.39 $277.08 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Information Systems
Bold Carol $110,035.38 $277.08 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Communications
Demille Janet $275,355.07 $577.32 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Medical Officer of Health
Gowanlock Diana $104,764.14 $260.52 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Infectious Disease Programs
Heath Doug $157,618.21 $366.84 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Chief Executive Officer
Lawrence Lori $109,952.82 $25.57 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Healthy Babies Healthy Children
Niskanen Laurie $109,952.78 $277.08 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Human Resources
Piper-Wilson Janice $103,133.46 $252.72 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Injury Prevention, Substance Misuse and Tobacco
Roberts Lynda $129,165.12 $310.08 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Director, Health Promotion
Sawula Silva $109,952.78 $292.08 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Healthy Living Programs
Sieswerda Lee $105,460.49 $260.52 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Environmental Health
Tait Carolyn $106,298.21 $260.52 Thunder Bay District Health Unit Manager, Oral Health and District Offices
Narvaez Armando $123,601.32 $0.00 Thunder Bay Multicultural Association Financial Director
Woodbeck Cathy $158,445.82 $0.00 Thunder Bay Multicultural Association Executive Director
Adduono Allyson $109,731.93 $442.85 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Albanese Sean $103,455.36 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Allain Michelle $105,199.91 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Bioethicist 
Alliett Ashley $111,042.58 $1,041.99 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner 
Amadeo Jessica $104,820.15 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Arjune Banskumar $192,657.95 $471.72 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Medical Physicist 
Armenti Dino $108,800.68 $1,092.96 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Financial Services
Baregzay Boran $111,200.91 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Barrie Carina $110,004.80 $439.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner 
Barrie Laura Lee $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Surgical Units
Barro John $118,906.19 $1,083.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Information Technology
Bartkowiak Jean $375,000.06 $7,526.04 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre President and Chief Executive Officer
Bean Kathryn $122,269.75 $447.15 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner 
Beck Lisa $133,196.78 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Emergency, 
Belanger Tyler $102,825.85 $381.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Bertoldo Lawrence $126,872.14 $423.78 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacy Clinical Lead 
Bishop Debra $111,920.11 $451.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Bjorn Amanda $172,056.23 $3,105.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Vice President Human Resources 
Blais Carmen $103,998.35 $196.38 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Aboriginal Engagement Lead 
Bloskie Vivian $110,053.34 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Blouin Donna $104,171.83 $312.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Boyd Cindy $100,297.15 $415.59 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse First Assist (Operating Room)
Bubar Dawn $133,196.88 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Director Infomatics 
Bubnick Susanne $109,141.37 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Buob-Corbett Susan $141,495.34 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Burdick Lauranne $104,969.89 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Butvin Gail $102,274.36 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Caccamo Tina $115,591.31 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Campbell Lorraine $103,318.99 $422.26 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Occupational Health and Safety Lead 
Capulak Tinnes Sherri-Anne $106,459.34 $399.78 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Psychological Associate
Carr Amy $124,234.88 $1,107.20 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Human Resources
Carr Georgia $105,195.90 $1,027.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Laboratory
Chesterman Andrew $100,279.89 $323.82 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Chicoine Jocelyn $100,610.54 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Chony Robert $107,552.10 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Copetti Adrianno $118,906.22 $483.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Information Systems Applications
Covino Cathy $134,196.85 $545.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Director Quality and Risk Management
Crocker-Ellacott Rhonda $234,691.59 $3,608.64 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Executive Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Executive
Cully Carrie $103,063.17 $53.24 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Danner Ursula $109,153.62 $447.15 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Del Nin Michael $112,332.61 $455.85 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Decision Support
Desramaux Carina $102,537.46 $375.20 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Diner Trina $101,984.57 $394.80 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Regional Stroke Program
Docherty Andrea $131,866.03 $1,136.66 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Regional Cancer Program
Edwards Crystal $109,967.24 $1,047.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Women and Children's Program
Emery Deborah $118,906.20 $483.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Pharmacy
Endaya Katrina $103,702.16 $354.06 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Erickson Christine $104,144.89 $423.60 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Operating Room
Fehrling Debbie $123,070.94 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Fisher Olibris Dianne $101,669.86 $380.31 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse
Fox Grace $112,214.25 $451.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitione
Freitag Carolyn $118,906.23 $483.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Strategy and Performance Improvement
Gascoigne Derek $175,801.75 $714.92 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre General Manager Northern Supply Chain
Gellert Beverley $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Medical Services
Giardetti Michael $108,988.20 $442.96 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Northern Supply Chain
Gibbons Stephen $106,351.82 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Gleeson Dawne $107,049.17 $374.10 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse
Gosgnach Charlene $103,516.31 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Grenier Buchan Rita $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Nursing Resource Team
Gurney Terri $105,196.16 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Cardiac Cath Lab
Guzzell Rita $101,842.72 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Hart Edith $113,723.77 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurs
Heintzman Angela $107,726.92 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Henderson Mark $319,999.68 $3,376.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Executive Vice President, Patient Care Services and Regional Vice President Cancer Care Ontario
Herman Karen $106,141.13 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Heron Anne-Marie $168,862.76 $687.20 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Executive Director Capital Planning and Operations
Hill Sherry Lynn $112,379.23 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Howk Ventrudo Sharon $108,522.81 $399.78 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Psychological Associate
Hughes Susan $104,953.24 $1,405.92 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Northern and Eastern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network Application Administrator
Jaspers Sharon $109,801.95 $447.15 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Johnston Paul $101,681.19 $375.90 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Psychologist 
Kennedy Karen $110,504.33 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Kennedy Stewart $239,999.76 $3,376.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Executive Vice President, Medical and Academic Affairs
Kepka Leslie $101,686.10 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Khabad Marianna $104,623.90 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Korol Allan $101,924.23 $994.80 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Biomedical Services, Maintenance and Plant
Kovac Kristen $110,421.37 $441.99 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner 
Kozlowski Craig $101,030.86 $610.71 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Surgical Units
Kroker Laurie $110,469.52 $1,030.41 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Kuzmich Jill $108,347.03 $342.22 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Lachance Amanda $115,716.83 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Langlois Michelle $105,195.91 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Medical Affairs 
Lawrence Nella $105,195.91 $213.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Capital Planning and Facilities
Lazinski Rose $100,182.36 $500.22 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Occupational Health and Safety
Lester Alison $104,940.89 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Lightbody Kim $101,778.13 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Lozier Lise $100,117.12 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Macaskill Liane $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Surgical Units
Maccabe Deborah $105,683.23 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Medical Services 
Macdonald Dawn $119,131.97 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Surgical Units
Madelozo-Pelletier Jeniffer $108,615.22 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Madrigal Glysel $111,315.31 $441.99 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Maki Shirley $100,349.91 $409.13 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse First Assist (Operating Room)
Maltais Ryan $105,180.14 $381.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Manary Paul $106,545.22 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Marasco-Mackenzie Rosemarie $105,604.43 $374.10 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse 
Marson Carly $100,477.74 $299.40 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Mcconnell David $100,201.02 $408.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Cancer Treatment Programs 
Mcghee Peter $211,752.74 $759.36 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Medical Physics Program 
Mciver Hilary $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Infection Control
Mcknight Sam $133,196.91 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Diagnostic Programs
Mclaughlin Phyllis $104,001.71 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Mcmahan Amanda H. $127,656.87 $470.22 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Psychologist 
Mcmaster Adele $112,428.66 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Mcnaughton Chris $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Clinical Oncology
Melita Mary Jane $111,883.29 $443.71 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner 
Mellis Brian $100,626.25 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Meservia-Collins Kelly $118,906.18 $1,083.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Academics and Interprofessional Education 
Metcalfe Ryan $103,116.72 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Miller Michele $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Cardio Respiratory
Moorhouse Erica $104,144.89 $1,023.60 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Maternal Newborn and Labour and Delivery
Murphy Geoffrey $103,215.20 $342.03 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Technologist Ultrasound 
Murray Carole A. $104,457.61 $435.31 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Myllymaa Peter $179,998.71 $3,132.48 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Executive Vice President, Corporate Services and Operations 
Oberg Anna $112,846.90 $374.10 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse 
O'Keefe Holly $109,585.29 $441.99 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Oldale Joanne $113,068.82 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
O'Malley Siobhan $100,396.81 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Omeljaniuk Catherine $108,253.58 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
O'Neill Erminia $114,936.91 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Paroschy-Harris Cathy $118,906.20 $483.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Prevention and Screening Clinical Services
Pearson Brett $114,069.23 $364.89 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Pellegrino Janey $101,310.49 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Penk Courtney $106,039.53 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Perry Dawna Maria $118,906.19 $1,083.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Nursing
Persichino Alexandra $104,785.00 $381.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Popa Christian $106,260.48 $432.93 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Porter Gordon $191,423.17 $3,132.48 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Chief of Staff 
Prescott Ann $113,412.13 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Prete Debra $124,399.88 $367.05 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse
Price Darcy $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Mental Health and Mental Health Assessment Team
Prunka Jody $144,369.32 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Purdon Christina $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Paediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care
Quarrell Susan $101,470.75 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Ranta Karen $106,523.08 $429.57 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Rapino Seija $104,649.01 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist 
Rapley Patrick $192,657.97 $471.72 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Medical Physicist
Roberts Karen A. $115,261.36 $413.77 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Systemic Oncology and Outpatient Clinics
Robertshaw Terry $108,885.98 $442.85 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Robillard Lorraine $101,336.49 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Ross John $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Emergency 
Roukema Cynthia $105,250.64 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Rudnick Abraham $234,000.00 $3,051.12 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Vice President Research and Chief Scientist 
Rybak Lisa $111,711.34 $358.14 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Sabotig Paul $102,610.30 $0.00 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse 
Sharp Meaghan $100,235.02 $807.48 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Cardiology Programs 
Shewfelt Kathryn $118,906.23 $483.28 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Environmental Services 
Shewfelt Paul $101,292.45 $388.47 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse
Shoppoff Lea $100,368.24 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Skillen Aaron $133,196.89 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Chronic Disease and Medical Services
Smith Tracie $133,196.90 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Director Communications, Indigenous Affairs and Engagement 
Smith Tracy $106,105.12 $364.98 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Stroomer Kyle $103,216.34 $391.23 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Physician Assistant 
Taylor Wayne $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Cardiology and General Medicine 
Thomson Arlene $133,196.91 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Director Cardio Program Development 
Turner Ron $138,191.92 $561.96 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Senior Director Patient Services 
Vinet Adam $121,877.70 $1,096.17 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Surgical Services 
Voros Peter $133,196.90 $541.52 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Director Adult and Forensic Mental Health
Walker Cindy $110,860.29 $394.80 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Administrative Coordinator 
Westerback Dave $108,522.79 $399.78 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Psychological Associate
Wildbore Pat $107,372.88 $396.57 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Charge Nurse
Willmore Eric $103,404.13 $381.56 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Pharmacist
Willson Craig $104,144.89 $1,023.60 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager General and Interventional Radiology, Mammography and CT 
Willson Sandra $105,823.50 $1,023.60 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Molecular Imaging
Winslow Wendy $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Critical Care Services
Wrigley Mary $105,195.90 $427.68 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Manager Renal and Peritoneal Dialysis
Yahn Jeff $107,264.90 $1,036.67 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Nurse Practitioner
Zubatuk Paula $100,656.39 $314.34 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Registered Nurse
Scott Caroline $115,342.77 $2,040.82 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction adjointe d'école
Savage Claudine $123,012.39 $2,113.26 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Malette Denis $119,805.32 $2,055.21 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Brickwood Elaine $116,080.56 $12,285.77 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Brochu Emelie $100,788.13 $534.57 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Enseignante
Fortin-Robinson Genevieve $101,853.18 $543.66 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Coordonatrice des services éducatifs
Blain Helene $104,966.85 $518.05 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Enseignante
Allaire Lucie $161,366.52 $520.00 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Directrice de l'éducation
Oakes Madeleine $117,453.40 $2,063.62 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Deagazio Marie-Claude $106,568.24 $1,950.45 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Major-Levesque Mireille $125,836.51 $407.00 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Superintendante de l'éducation
Caruana Mona $102,351.15 $546.35 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Coordonatrice technopédagoque
Proulx Nancy $105,175.60 $889.94 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction adjointe des services éducatifs
Breton Nathalie $108,187.55 $1,956.40 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Des Aurores Boréales Direction d'école
Adams Mary $110,559.65 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Special Rehabilitative Care Services
Adewuyi Sunday $235,671.92 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Physician
Allain Suzanne $332,117.11 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Bartolucci Giampiero $137,037.51 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Beckwick Lisa $124,473.34 $570.89 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Organizational and People Development 
Berardi Robert $103,628.80 $477.87 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Occupational Safety / Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Claims 
Berst Glenn $110,355.20 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Building Services 
Bismil Supuneet $288,323.33 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Black Janine $118,558.25 $545.67 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Seniors Health
Black Nancy $121,080.83 $557.70 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Concurrent Disorders Services 
Bockova Rikkonen Hana $100,378.90 $145.74 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse 
Boynton Heather $108,547.31 $501.99 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Outpatient Mental Health 
Braunberger Peter $313,698.40 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Buckler Tracy $315,123.94 $1,406.28 St. Joseph's Care Group President and Chief Executive Officer 
Cheng Chiachen $258,144.95 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist 
Clara Catherine $101,021.79 $466.23 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Behavioural Sciences Centre
Corcoran Edan $314,684.93 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Corcoran John $103,676.92 $477.87 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Environmental Services
Czolpinska Elizabeth $323,313.73 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Denson Frank $248,576.76 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Physician
Dokuchie Lesley $108,395.88 $412.83 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Donaghy Mary $133,842.40 $211.26 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychologist 
Donaghy Steven $101,325.51 $479.07 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychologist
Donohue Nicole $113,080.25 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Engberg David $110,320.91 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Case Management 
Fogolin Jane $315,762.76 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist 
Fonso Leanne $108,708.81 $500.73 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Mental Health Rehabilitation 
Grant Susan $100,211.00 $465.41 St. Joseph's Care Group Clinical Supervisor Medium Support Housing 
Gyomorey Katalin $327,513.61 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Haggarty John $365,102.96 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Senior Medical Director Addictions and Mental Health
Hagstrom Sara $128,924.97 $210.99 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychologist 
Heapes Mary $104,802.52 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist 
Heimonen Tiina $105,937.50 $178.44 St. Joseph's Care Group Mental Health Clinician
Henderson Sherri $101,011.35 $412.83 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Holman Myrna $163,212.62 $729.60 St. Joseph's Care Group Vice President People, Mission and Values
Holroyd Karen $104,111.42 $486.42 St. Joseph's Care Group Pharmacist
Houlding-Braunberger Carolyn $109,454.21 $189.75 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychologist 
Jackson Norma $110,607.16 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Residential and Clinical Programs 
Johnson Pamela $342,129.89 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Khalil Samer $358,325.00 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Knudson Michelle $103,651.83 $477.87 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Occupational Health and Wellness 
Koopmans Catherine $110,680.33 $412.83 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Kulp Marianne $110,462.38 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Medically Complex and Reactivation Services 
Kushner Kelly $110,751.79 $410.52 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Lake David $115,014.83 $497.08 St. Joseph's Care Group Residential Evening Supervisor 
Lake Kristine $103,534.37 $169.80 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychological Associate
Lamore Lisa $110,491.67 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Financial Services 
Lindstrom-Forneri Wendy $115,946.93 $189.84 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychologist 
Lynch Kathleen $176,238.69 $789.36 St. Joseph's Care Group Vice President Rehabilitative Care and Chronic Disease Management 
Mackenzie Jennifer $103,745.38 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse 
Mackenzie Kenneth $111,932.67 $515.43 St. Joseph's Care Group Nurse Practitioner
Maranzan Brent $119,017.54 $549.51 St. Joseph's Care Group Decision Support Lead Northwest Health Alliance
Mcallister Shelley $114,846.74 $527.26 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Collaborative Practice and Chief Nursing Executive
Mckinnon Tammy $103,686.15 $477.87 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Corporate Learning 
Mcrae Lilli $119,887.64 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Moreau Jennifer $105,942.11 $498.16 St. Joseph's Care Group Nurse Practitione
Mount Lauren $103,663.89 $169.80 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychological Associate
Mountain Mary Ann $118,906.19 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Community Mental Health
Munro Scott $110,349.79 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Outpatient Rehabilitative Care Services
Murray David $178,757.04 $404.33 St. Joseph's Care Group Executive Director and Chief Information Officer Northwest Health Alliance
Nault Denis $104,835.41 $484.66 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Employee Relations
Okorafor Ikenna $358,776.26 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
O'Quinn Gail $110,566.33 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Transition and Extensive Services
Ortgiese Karie $102,758.68 $473.53 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Employee Relations 
Orzech Ruth $104,955.83 $412.83 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse 
Paradis Patricia $107,300.16 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Clinical Resource Coordinator
Paterson Robert $102,767.26 $415.17 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Diabetes Health and Clinical Operations
Perkovic Marija $121,326.37 $557.70 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Acute and Rehabilitation Mental Health 
Poletti Shelby $110,458.06 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Planning and Performance 
Polischuk Victoria $101,836.94 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Health Records 
Potts Scott $176,291.03 $789.36 St. Joseph's Care Group Vice President Infrastructure and Planning
Prokopowich Garry $114,791.01 $526.68 St. Joseph's Care Group Manager Pharmacy Services
Riutta Christopher $104,369.17 $486.42 St. Joseph's Care Group Pharmacist
Romano Kathleen $100,551.70 $459.09 St. Joseph's Care Group Director of Care Hogarth Riverview Manor
Sacevich Tegan $278,419.53 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist 
Salamon John $108,016.39 $403.56 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse 
Schiffer Charlene $115,236.74 $412.83 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Schubert Peter $312,913.69 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist 
Seburn Lisa $104,410.20 $153.12 St. Joseph's Care Group Social Worker 
Sheppard Robert $351,840.38 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Shortreed Thomas $110,416.96 $509.58 St. Joseph's Care Group Director Employee Relations, Safety and Wellness 
Sillman Janet $176,321.61 $789.36 St. Joseph's Care Group Vice President Mental Health and Addiction Services
Slack Tim $103,543.65 $486.42 St. Joseph's Care Group Pharmacist 
Sousa Annette $100,578.80 $391.80 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Turgeon Timothy $109,389.00 $145.74 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Vance Darryl $313,713.66 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatris
Vandenberg Ingrid Lynn $135,630.59 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatrist
Vidal Carolina $292,369.67 $0.00 St. Joseph's Care Group Psychiatris
Wicklund Anita $105,565.42 $414.21 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Williamson Tricia $118,762.51 $410.52 St. Joseph's Care Group Registered Nurse
Madder Jim $226,923.36 $431.64 Confederation College President
Bernosky Donald $197,269.98 $274.99 Confederation College Vice President Workforce Development
Adams Ken $176,754.58 $352.82 Confederation College Vice President College Services
Pella Patricia $176,754.58 $285.24 Confederation College Vice President Academic
Small Sharon Brenda $154,477.17 $134.44 Confederation College Vice President Centre for Policy and Aboriginal Learning
Inkila Paul $150,813.47 $303.80 Confederation College Senior Director Computer Servives and Project Management
Wall Miriam $142,089.14 $438.96 Confederation College Dean School of International Education
Renaud Anne $140,286.24 $426.68 Confederation College Dean School of Access and Success
Strickland Shane $134,000.47 $413.92 Confederation College Dean School of Health and Community Services
Verdenik Jeannine $132,494.43 $408.34 Confederation College Director Human Resources and Organizational Development
Clace Rick $129,939.47 $413.92 Confederation College Dean School of Engineering Technology and Aviation
Duclos Don $127,197.43 $410.65 Confederation College Registrar
Sitarski Rick $126,965.74 $263.28 Confederation College Director Facilities Services
Kelly Colin $126,848.03 $386.10 Confederation College Chair Director of Applied Research
De Oude Paul $124,174.55 $330.98 Confederation College Chair Aviation
Biniaris Antonia $118,901.03 $248.50 Confederation College Director of Finance
Macgregor Leslie $115,409.03 $249.70 Confederation College Associate Dean Student Services
Ozbolt Jason $115,409.03 $386.10 Confederation College Manager Special Projects
Selby Jerry $115,409.03 $294.66 Confederation College Academic Quality Assurance and Special Projects
Gemmill Richard $114,698.05 $240.50 Confederation College Dean School of Business Hospitality and Media Arts
Christie Laura $110,472.42 $229.36 Confederation College Director Lake of the Woods andRedLake Campuses
Kerbashian Tim $110,422.77 $0.00 Confederation College Senior Manager Planning and Development
Kotanen Arvid $109,016.78 $249.88 Confederation College Professor
Greaves Shawna $106,276.59 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Sampson Jeff $106,244.77 $361.41 Confederation College Director Employment Programs
Kantola John $104,396.51 $219.48 Confederation College Chair Trades and Post Secondary Programming and School Work Initative
Peuramaki Marla $104,006.35 $225.18 Confederation College Senior Manager
Appleton Sherri $103,764.95 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Burton Riley $102,985.09 $362.72 Confederation College Director Teaching and Learning
Carr Helen $102,598.46 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Hyatt Brent $102,035.01 $171.10 Confederation College Senior Manager InformationTechnology
Savela Lynne $101,729.87 $358.18 Confederation College Executive Director
Bennett-Sutton Frances $100,752.08 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Cormier Steven $100,752.08 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Dzijacky Larry $100,752.08 $249.88 Confederation College Professor
Enstrom Trudi $100,752.08 $102.98 Confederation College Professor
Kostick Michelle $100,752.08 $63.82 Confederation College Professor
Matthews Ian $100,752.08 $249.88 Confederation College Professor

Leith Dunick

About the Author: Leith Dunick

A proud Nova Scotian who has called Thunder Bay home since 2002, Leith has been the editor of Thunder Bay Source for 19 years and has served a similar role with since 2009. Wants his Expos back. Twitter: @LeithDunick
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