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Closing submissions set for next week in extortion trial

Evidence wraps up in extortion trial, closing submissions are scheduled for next Thursday.
Hobbs Court 1

THUNDER BAY -- Closing submissions at the extortion trial of former Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs, his wife Marisa Hobbs, and friend Mary Voss will be made next Thursday.

Crown Attorney Peter Keen, as well as defence lawyers Brian Greenspan and George Joseph will present their final arguments to Justice Fletcher Dawson.

Keen noted on Day 1 of the trial that the judge should consider “who was driving the bus” when rendering his decision.

The Crown argues the three accused withheld incriminating video evidence of the alleged victim, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, from police and instead used that evidence to coerce him to buy a $429,000 home for Mary Voss.

The Crown contends the Hobbses, who were in deep financial trouble at the time planned to then borrow money from Voss, who could have used that house as collateral for a bank loan.

The accused vehemently deny those claims and insist they were set up by the alleged victim who planned the whole thing.

Closing submissions will be presented next Thursday, starting at 11 a.m before Justice Dawson delivers his decision sometime in the new year.

(TBT News)

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