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Garnet Loon charged with first-degree murder in double homicide

Thunder Bay Police to charge 41-year-old, Garnet Loon, with first-degree murder in connection to a double homicide at a Carl Avenue home.
Carl Avenue

THUNDER BAY - A double homicide at a Carl Avenue home earlier this summer has resulted in a first-degree murder charge against one of the two people accused. 

The bodies of 22-year-old Kory Lee Campbell and 50-year-old Robert Lloyd Gray were found on July 2 in a Carl Avenue home. Garnet Loon, 41, was first charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Gray.

In a Thunder Bay courtroom on Monday, Crown prosecutor, Rob Kozak, said he was in contact with Thunder Bay Police over the weekend and was advised that a charge of first degree murder would be laid against Garnet Loon in connection to the death of Campbell.

The second-degree murder charge against Loon in relation to the death of Gray remains.

Kailee Loon, 19, is also facing a charge of second-degree murder in connection to the death of Gray and an assault charge in relation to Campbell. Kozak requested that Kailee Loon and Garnet Loon now be prosecuted separately because of the new first degree murder charge against Garnet Loon. 

Police were first called to a Carl Avenue home on July 2 where the bodies of Campbell and Gray were discovered. Garnet Loon and Kailee Loon were later arrested in Sioux Lookout on July 3 and charged with second degree murder. 

Garnet Loon had previously been charged with second-degree murder in the Dec. 24, 2007 slaying of 18-year-old Jordan Achneepineskum and was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty to manslaughter in 2009.

Garnet Loon and Kailee Loon remain in custody and will make separate court appearances on Nov. 20.