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Glance at Crime: 28 assaults, 34 thefts

City police were busy responding to more than 233 criminal incidents last week.

City police responded to more than 233 criminal incidents during the week of Monday, September 4 through Sunday, September 10.

Thunder Bay Police Service statistics are made available through, a website that tracks reported crime via information provided by local police services.

This week’s report shows police were busier on the north side, responding to 125 criminal incidents compared to 108 cases south of the Harbour Expressway.

The more than 233 incidents reported last week is an estimate and does not include traffic cases.

South of the Harbour Expressway, some of the more serious incidents included:

• 15 assaults
• 14 break and enters
• 9 property crimes
• 2 robbery
• 5 sexual assaults
• 12 thefts
• 3 thefts from vehicle
• 3 thefts of vehicle
• 5 weapons charges

Meanwhile, north of the Harbour Expressway some of the more serious incidents included:

• 13 assaults
• 8 break and enters
• 7 property crimes
• 3 sexual assaults
• 22 thefts
• 4 thefts from vehicle
• 2 thefts of vehicle
• 4 weapons charges

The vast majority of cases city police responded to were listed as either liquor, disorder and property crime.

The above numbers represent an estimate.