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Lemonade stand still a money maker

A lemonade stand is helping a young girl raise money to achieve her dream of being a cheerleader.
Railyn Walters is maintaining a steady flow of lemonade for passerbys and motorists this summer.

THUNDER BAY — When you’re 11 and you need cash, one way to make money is to become a young entrepreneur.

That’s exactly what Railyn Walters did when she took to the curb in front of her Thunder Bay home with her lemonade stand. Since school let out for the summer, Railyn has been maintaining a steady flow of lemonade for passersby and motorists who stop along the quiet street for a refreshing glass of the citrus drink.

At a buck a glass, Railyn has a long way to go to achieve her dreams of affording cheerleading sessions, and some girl stuff too. 

“First of all, to be a cheerleader costs a lot of money,” she said. 

“And then there’s all the stuff you have to buy for it, like (gym) shoes for $124, and that’s a lot. Then there are more things like workout stuff and more and more that just adds up to like $800.”

Railyn says she is saving the money “purely just for cheerleading at the moment,” but there are other things that a young girl would also like to purchase for herself.

“I always like to buy myself stuff like makeup and like hair products,” she said. “But I’m trying to stop that and save the money to do cheerleading. I wanted to do cheerleading since I was six. It’s always been one of my dreams to be a cheerleader.”

The young teen has set her stand up along Essex Court, near the corner of the busier County Boulevard with fresh lemonade and occasionally offering peppermints, lollipops and other candy. Sometimes people stop while others just wave and say, “hello.”

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