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Pat Lang named to Order of Canada

Former Confederation College president honoured for her commitment to Ontario's colleges
Former Confederation College president Pat Lang. (Leith Dunick,

THUNDER BAY -- Former Confederation College president Patricia Lang has received one of her country's highest honours. 

Lang on Friday was made a member of the Order of Canada, one of 100 named to the Order of Canada, announced by Governor General David Johnston. Lang was honoured for "her commitment to the growth and development of Ontario’s colleges as a long-time academic administrator."

She left the college in 2009 after nine years at the helm.

The complete list of appointees:

Companions of the Order of Canada Hometown
The Honourable Morris Jacob Fish, C.C., Q.C. Montréal, Que.
Victoria M. Kaspi, C.C. Montréal, Que.
Michael Ondaatje, C.C.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Toronto, Ont.


Officer of the Order of Canada Hometown
John William Bandler, O.C. Dundas, Ont.
David G. Barber, O.C. Winnipeg, Man.
Russell Braun, O.C. Georgetown, Ont.
Michel Dallaire, O.C., O.Q.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Montréal, Que.
John Haig de Beque Farris, O.C. Bowen Island, B.C.
Norman Foster, O.C. Fredericton, N.B.
Anne Giardini, O.C. Vancouver, B.C.
William Rodney Graham, O.C. Vancouver, B.C.
Lewis Edward Kay, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Bryan Kolb, O.C. Lethbridge, Alta.
Richard Borshay Lee, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Peter G. Martin, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Craig McClure, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
The Honourable Ellen Irene Picard, O.C. Edmonton, Alta.
Michael J. Sabia, O.C. Montréal, Que.
Michael Schade, O.C.
This is an honorary appointment.
Oakville, Ont.
The Honourable Hugh Segal, O.C., O.Ont.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Toronto, Ont.
Howard Leslie Shore, O.C. New York, New York, U.S.A. and Toronto, Ont.
Donald T. Stuss, O.C., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont.
Charles Haskell Tator, O.C. 
This is a promotion within the Order.
Toronto, Ont.
Lorne Trottier, O.C.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Beaconsfield, Que.
Paul Cronin Weiler, O.C. Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and Vancouver, B.C.


Member of the Order of Canada Hometown
Michael Adams, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Howard Adelman, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Marguerite Andersen, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Jan Andrews, C.M. Lanark, Ont.
Wesley Armour, C.M. Moncton, N.B.
H. Anthony Arrell, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Manon Barbeau, C.M., O.Q. Montréal, Que.
Leonard A. Bateman, C.M., O.M. Winnipeg, Man.
Donna June Bennett, C.M. and Brian Leslie Finley, C.M. Campbellford, Ont.
Paul Michael Boothe, C.M. London, Ont.
Pierre-Michel Bouchard, C.M. Québec, Que.
André Bourbeau, C.M., C.Q. Dunham, Que.
Bonnie Brooks, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Linda Cardinal, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Katherine Carleton, C.M. Peterborough, Ont.
Elaine Carty, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Louise Champoux-Paillé, C.M., C.Q. Montréal, Que.
Harold Everett Chapman, C.M. Saskatoon, Sask.
Jan Christilaw, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Ruth Collins-Nakai, C.M. Calgary, Alta.
Peter Dalglish, C.M. London, Ont.
Michael David Dan, C.M., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont.
Ronald J. Daniels, C.M. Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. and Toronto, Ont.
Libby Davies, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Rayleen V. De Luca, C.M., O.M. Toronto, Ont.
William Arthur Downe, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Irene Dubé, C.M., S.O.M. and Leslie Dubé, C.M., S.O.M. Saskatoon, Sask.
Janet Ecker, C.M. Ajax, Ont.
Deborah Ellis, C.M., O.Ont. Simcoe, Ont.
William MacDonald Evans, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
James Bruce Falls, C.M.  Don Mills, Ont.
John Foerster, C.M. Winnipeg, Man.
Chen Fong, C.M. Calgary, Alta.
Richard French, C.M. Chelsea, Que.
Jacqueline Guest, C.M. Calgary, Alta.
Gloria Margaret Gutman, C.M., O.B.C. Vancouver, B.C.
George Norman Hillmer, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Robin Hopper, C.M. Victoria, B.C.
Anne-Marie Hubert, C.M. Montréal, Que.
Benoît Huot, C.M. Saint-Lambert, Que.
Michael Ignatieff, P.C., C.M. Budapest, Hungary and Toronto, Ont.
Liz Ingram, C.M. Edmonton, Alta.
Ignat Kaneff, C.M., O.Ont. Mississauga, Ont.
Rudy Koehler, C.M. North York, Ont.
France Labelle, C.M. Montréal, Que.
Patricia Anne Lang, C.M. Thunder Bay, Ont.
Oryssia Lennie, C.M. Edmonton, Alta.
Janice (Kahehti:io) Longboat, C.M. Six Nations Reserve, Ont.
Clarence Louie, C.M. Osoyoos, B.C.
Robert Marleau, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Marie-Lucie Morin, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Pierre Morrissette, C.M. Oakville, Ont.
Reza Nasseri, C.M., A.O.E. Edmonton, Alta.
Mathew Nuqingaq, C.M. Iqaluit, Nun.
The Honourable David Onley, C.M., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont.
John Parisella, C.M., O.Q. Montréal, Que.
Benoît Pelletier, C.M., O.Q. Gatineau, Que.
Gerald Pond, C.M., O.N.B. Rothesay, N.B.
Alfred H. E. Popp, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Ash K. Prakash, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Strinivasan Reddy, C.M., O.M. Winnipeg, Man.
Richard J. Renaud, C.M. Montréal, Que.
Jean-Lucien Rouleau, C.M. Montréal, Que.
Diane Sasson, C.M. Mount Royal, Que.
Isaac Schiff, C.M. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and Montréal, Que.
Annabel Slaight, C.M., O.Ont. Roche’s Point, Ont.
Julian Smith, C.M. Niagara on the Lake, Ont.
David Steinberg, C.M. Bel-Air, California, U.S.A. and Winnipeg, Man.
Tanya Tagaq Gillis, C.M. Cambridge Bay, Nun.
Réal Tanguay, C.M. Kitchener, Ont.
Michael Tymianski, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
André Vanasse, C.M. Outremont, Que.
Ellen White, C.M., O.B.C. Nanaimo, B.C.


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