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Police warn of Canada Revenue phone scam

A phone scam of someone claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency is making rounds in Thunder Bay again, police warn.
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THUNDER BAY - Police are once again issuing a warning about a phone scam targeting people in Thunder Bay by fraudsters claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Thunder Bay Police Service have received multiple reports from people receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from the CRA. The individual attempts to obtain money or personal information from people using threatening and aggressive language.

People have been told by the caller that they owe an outstanding debt and will be threatened with arrest, court charges, jail time, or deportation.

According to Thunder Bay Police, in the past, the caller will request payment with pre-paid credit cards. If the card numbers and security numbers have been sent to the caller, there is no recourse for compensation.

Police are reminding the public that the Canada Revenue Agency does not accept pre-paid credit cards as a form of payment and will not request personal information such as passports or health card or driver’s license numbers.

Retailers are also being asked to look for individuals purchasing a large amount of pre-paid credit cards, as it could be someone who is the victim of a scam.