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Bringing comfort to your homes

A coffee shop turned to a meal prep service during the pandemic.
They say desperate times calls for desperate measures; staying true to that was a coffee shop that turned to a meal prep service during the pandemic, which we now know as Wild Thyme. A love for cooking, experimenting with food, combined with the desperation to save a business ultimately led to Joe Flurry setting up the meal prep service company, Wild Thyme, along with the help of his two friends, Christina Lane and Alek Wataja.

When the beautiful halls of coffee shops closed its doors to visitors a year ago due to the pandemic, the chef, Joe Flurry, had to find innovative ways to keep the business afloat. Hence the birth of Wild Thyme, a meal prep service catered to the hungry without the will to cook.

When asked about the leap into a meal prep service, Flurry says, “I enjoy meal prep more than I thought I would. It is less challenging and more fun as I get to do something different each day. It’s easier pace as you’re not trying to serve something in five minutes. And I’ve especially grown to love experimenting with food.”

One of the best results of the meal prep business is the fact that there is less waste, as ingredients are bought for the specific order after they have been ordered. This also gives food a longer-lasting feel and tastes much fresher and better.

For a small-time business, Wild Thyme is run with the goal in mind to provide only quality meals for their clients; hence, they limit each customer’s orders to maximum one day a week, with no restrictions on the number of meals ordered. They represent comfort food and bring classic recipes to people’s homes. Interestingly, a lot of people buy these meals as presents, especially for senior parents. What better way to show their love than through food?

With the goal in mind to expand their business, the menu has been streamlined to add breakfast options; and the menu changes every week.

Their most ordered item on the menu is the Lasagna, although the Chef’s pick is the Chorizo Shrimp Jambalaya, a Southern Italian fusion style penne noodles.

“Our goal is to keep the classic recipes because our clients like the comfort food, but I love experimenting with food, so this is my pick as I don’t get to do a lot of fusion, and I love mixing cultures,” Joe Flurry, the chef himself, adds.