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Discovering little secrets

Lots to discover in Northern Ontario.

As you’re driving, do you ever catch yourself in wonder of how breathtaking the landscape is? Such is the beauty of Northern Ontario. It is Ontario’s little kept secret: the North Shore. Drive along Highway 11/17, from Dorion to Manitouwadge, and you will thank yourself for discovering Ontario’s little treasures.

There are countless reasons to visit the North. Numerous things to strike off your bucket list.  Let’s start with the drive itself: it is one of the most scenic drives you could ever dream of. Right from Nipigon to Terrace Bay, the view is unbelievable. This drive has everything you could ask for to make it an enthralling road trip: from valleys to elevations, to vast bodies of water. This drive is a one-stop ride for everything you will want to witness on a road trip.

If you want to beat the heat with beaches, stop by the beaches along the North Shore. The Lofquist Lake in Nipigon is a great place to start. In the mood for stargazing? The Terrace Bay Beach is a wonderful option. In the mood for some Wilderness fun? Camping is a magical way to breathe in the stunning landscapes that the North Shore has to offer.

The best thing about the North Shore is it has something for everyone! There are provincial parks everywhere that you can just take a hike to. Ontario’s Grand Canyon, the Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is also in our very own North Shore, which is worth a visit.

“As a Wilderness lover, I have always ended up on the North Shore. I’ve lived in bigger cities like GTA, Ottawa, but there’s a special place in my heart for the North Shore. There’s always something to discover here and share with others. The lagoon at the Nipigon Marina is one of my favorite spots; I can look at pelicans, beavers, turtles, loons, and ducks! Not a sight you get everywhere,” says Suzanne Kukko, Lake Superior North Shore Tourism Coordinator.

If you’re a bird lover or someone who loves birdwatching, a trip to the North Shore should be your next visit as it hosts the world’s best place to watch birds: Hurkett Cove Conservation Area in Dorion.

With more attention going to bigger metropolitan cities especially with more appealing and inviting events like concerts and sports, people do not usually prefer exploring Northern Ontario unless they are hunters or anglers. The North Shore boasts the biggest freshwater lake in the world, on Lake Superior, but challenges like long commute and isolation from the busier cities, making it a less crowded, pristine option for travelers willing to go the “extra mile” (or several) and take the time to pull-off and explore.

The beauty of this North Shore is breathtaking enough for you to always want to pay a visit. The wide-open spaces, the peace, the fresh air, and welcoming people make this destination an appealing one.

This is the place you don’t plan to see, but once you see it, you can’t believe it.

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