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Get Excited, Thunder Bay! 2020 is filled with new, emerging tech (3 photos)

New and emerging technology is here to make your 2020 better!

Last year paved the way for many popular gadgets and you may think you’ve seen it all. From Bluetooth earphones, to voice automated lighting systems, the past year definitely made an impact on all things innovative. According to Marcus and Nicholas Cupello, co-owners of Marnics Mobile and experts on all things tech, 2020 shows no signs of slowing down on the innovation front.

The Cupello brothers believe that all technology aficionados should get excited, because the newest in technological advancements can already be found here in Thunder Bay. According to Marcus and Nick, the following list of emerging tech is only a small sample of what’s to come.

1. Wallpaper TVs

Nick Cupello starts off this list with one of his personal favourites; Wallpaper TVs. “Wallpaper TVs are exactly what they sound like. They’re razor thin and they look like they are actually a part of the wall” Cupello explains.

These TVs have a range of options, but 4K and 8K models seem to be a popular choice, according to Cupello. Some models have even been paired with the newest in AI capabilities. Using your Google Assistant or Alexa is made possible, and this AI link can even extend to your Smart Home Connections.

“It’s a fresh design that looks good in any house. On top of that, the quality of a 4K or 8K system is unreal. If you’re looking to change up your entertainment system, a Wallpaper TV would be an impressive choice” Nick Cupello concludes.

2. Foldable phones

The next device Thunder Bay can get excited about are foldable phones. “A foldable phone is kind of like a flip phone, but rather than ‘flipping open’, it unfolds” says Joseph Wenzell, Marnics Mobile’s sales manager. “Some models unfold into a larger unit, similar to a tablet size”.

Wenzell suggests that this new concept provides a nostalgic feel for those who loved their flip phones, though the technology is much more advanced than what once was. Having the opportunity to view your phone on a full display can be easier for some to use, too.

“Foldable phones are an all-in-one solution for people who want that full display view, while still enjoying the capabilities of a smartphone” Wenzell says.

3. Smart Home appliances and products

“Hey Google” has been a popular voice command for a while now, and Marcus Cupello says we can look forward to an influx of Smart Products - Smart Products that cover a range of capabilities.

“Smart Home Products are blowing up” Marcus Cupello states, “The idea is that, if you can connect it to the internet, you can have a Smart Product." Shoppers can expect to find Smart Refrigerators, Smart Security Systems, and even Smart Beds, to name a few.

“These products connect to your smartphone, which is kind of like a central hub. Your phone controls what the products do. So say you’ve installed a Smart Doorbell, your phone will alert you when the bell has been pressed, and you can see who’s at your door using the camera feature” Cupello adds.

“One Smart Home Product that’s really gaining popularity this year is home lighting systems. The bulbs are synced to your media device, and you can control the brightness levels and turn lights on and off. Some systems even have color options. Plus the LED lights are economical” Wenzell adds.

4. PopSocket Beer Koozies

“This wouldn’t be a Tbay list if we didn’t mention these innovative Beer Koozies” Wenzell laughs.

PopSocket Beer Koozies are foam sleeves with a small handle that pops in and out, so you can have a better grip on your drink. The koozie itself keeps your drink cold, while the pop grip gives you a better hold.  

“There’s nothing super techy about these” Wenzell says with a grin, “But they are an inventive, fun design. We’ll definitely see a rise in popularity for these during bonfire season”.

Are you excited yet?

There’s no doubt 2020 will be filled with new and exciting gadgets. Marcus and Nick say that this list isn’t even the tipping point of what’s to come in 2020. But Thunder Bay should get excited, because this emerging technology has already become available here in town. All tech lovers should keep an eye out, because 2020 promises all this and more.

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.