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Marnics is bigger and better than ever (2 photos)

Marnics Mobile continues to grow with new location.

Marnics Mobile is a locally owned family business dedicated to providing Thunder Bay with the best quality repairs for smartphones, tablets, computers and console repairs at an affordable price with the fastest turnout times.

The Marnics Mobile team uses the highest quality original, factory parts for phones to put an end to frequent phone repairs.

With a goal of providing the city of Thunder Bay the best quality repairs, the Cupello brothers opened a new location in the Intercity Shopping Centre late last year.

The new location is a crisp, clean rendition of a store that’s already thriving.

New Location

Nestled in a spot next to the previous Lowe’s location, the new space opened in December 2019 and has been a hidden gem for those looking for the best quality phone repair ever since.

Business has been really good in the new location, said store manager Cameron Corner.

“[We are] pretty much matching what the main store is doing on Bay Street,” Corner said.

The new location is a hidden gem that allows people to pop in for a quick fix. They can stay in the mall, explore and do their shopping while their phone is being repaired and this helps give the store a more relaxed vibe.

Location is key when your phone is on the fritz or you need a new accessory. Having a store in the mall allows Marnics Mobile to be more accessible.

“Once [shoppers] find us, people are coming here to get their stuff fixed,” Corner said.

With a smaller staff and accessibility to assist with the kind of technology society heavily relies on, customers will have no problems finding the accessories they need within the brightly lit, beautifully organized space.

Next steps

Despite its success, store manager Cameron Corner said it’s time to relocate to a more central part of the mall.

“Being off to the side here, we’re a little bit more hidden,” Corner said.

In June, the store’s mall location will be moving closer to the food court where they’ll be more visible and easily found for customers looking any repairs or accessories they may need.

Corner is looking forward to the move.

“That’s literally the toughest part right now,” Corner said, “Especially since Lowe’s closed, there’s no through traffic anymore. Most people go to the food court, and they don’t really go past that.”

The already booming business is sure to thrive even more once the location is in a more central spot.

Be sure to stop in while perusing the mall and gaze upon their heavily stocked accessories or be a little less annoyed with a broken phone with a repair shop conveniently located in the middle of everything else one may need. Hit the food court while you wait or just pop in unplanned for a new case while hunting for that perfect pair of boots.

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.