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Natural Smiles Boutique is a shining model for oral health (4 photos)

April is Oral Health Month and Natural Smiles The Dental Hygiene Boutique is giving tips and tricks for stellar oral health.

With spring around the corner, fresh air is bringing more smiles around Thunder Bay and April is Oral Health Month, reminding everyone to make oral health a priority of their daily routine.

At Natural Smiles Boutique, a client-centered clinic, they offer comprehensive dental hygiene care in a soothing environment for people who have had past dental anxieties.

The importance of oral health

“People need to understand the connection between oral systemic link and how it affects us,” says Maheen Cassim, registered dental hygienist and owner of Natural Smiles The Dental Hygiene Boutique. She is reminding everyone how they can take steps every day for their oral health because when you understand it at length, you can understand how it affects your whole body.

Natural Smiles Boutique provides dental cleanings and oral dental hygiene exams in a professional and soothing environment created to overcome any past dental anxiety, making their clients feel at ease when making sure their oral health is top notch.

“We are the guiders to tell you what you can do or how you can do it better,” Cassim says.

Daily oral health practice

Along with the importance of dental check-ups, Cassim stresses the importance of daily oral health practice.

Brushing twice a day and flossing are important parts of a daily routine and Cassim mentions additional steps you can take to benefit your oral health like water picks and mouth rinse.

“Using a mouth rinse is a beneficial treatment to benefit gum health.”

She also points out the accessibility of floss and mouth rinse and making them visible when you go to brush your teeth every day, a visible reminder.

Treatments for everyone

While Natural Smiles Boutique ensures a soothing environment, they also know there is no blanket treatment for everyone.

Brushing and flossing are important, Cassim knows everyone’s oral health is different and makes this an important factor when treating clients.

Cassim wants to remind everyone that daily maintenance comes from within ourselves, Natural Smiles Boutique is a place for long-term oral success.

To learn more about Natural Smiles Boutique and what services they offer call 1 (807) 285-3493 or