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5 exciting gift ideas for Christmas! (5 photos)

Looking for that special gift? Marnics Mobile has the holiday Christmas gift list for you.

Five exciting gift ideas for Christmas!

Unwrapping a Christmas gift to find flashy, new, technologic gizmo? It’s exciting.

Marnics Mobile gets it. Marcus and Nicholas Cupello, Marnics co-owners, brothers, and smartphone repair specialists, live this excitement daily. They get to bring the coolest trends in technology here to Thunder Bay. It passes from their store shelves, over the checkout counter and straight into your hands.

With Christmas around the corner, the team at Marnics Mobile want to help you navigate through the world of technology based gift options. That’s why they’ve curated a list…5 Exciting Gift Ideas for Christmas!

#1 - A Wireless Phone Charger

To kick things off, Marcus and Nicholas suggest slipping a Wireless Phone Charger into a gift bag this Christmas. Those with an IPhone 8 or newer, or a Samsung S6 or newer, would love this gadget. The guys explain that newer smartphones are capable of Qi charging. This means you can charge your smartphone by simply placing it down on the pad. No more digging around for a cord. It’s convenient and easy, and at Marnics, you can pick one up for a holiday price of $24.99.

#2 - Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds

Joseph Wenzell, Marnics Mobile’s General Manager, mentions, “As we move from headphone jacks and into a more wireless world, we have some recommendations for a hot gift this year”.

Wenzell suggests that Rock Space has a great set of high definition headphones. You can expect awesome performance from their batteries, with a charge that holds up to 12 hours. And the over-ear design fits comfortably, too. A perfect gift for any music lover – for a Marnics holiday price of $49.99. If you’re looking for an in-ear solution, the team at Marnics also recommends taking a look at Tru Wireless Earbuds. These buds work great for listening to music, podcasts and even making phone calls. These will be $59.99 throughout the holidays. 

#3 - Smart Home Products

Marnics Mobile has seen the future. And it looks Smart. “’Hey Google, turn on my lights’ is made possible with a Google Home product”, says Wenzell. The Marnics team explains that these devices allow you to control your electrical surroundings with just the sound of your voice. From your coffee machine, to the volume of your music… pretty much whatever plugs into an outlet.

It’s an impressive gift for techys and not-so techys alike. You can pick up a Google Home Mini for just $59. Or a Google Nest Mini for $69. Each one has unique features, so make sure to pick one that’s right for your giftee. Stop by Marnics, and they’ll help you make a “smart” choice… see what we did there?

#4 – Portable Phone Charger

Marnics Mobile knows people live on their phones. Whether it’s work, socializing, taking selfies, or Facetiming a loved one… you don’t have time to deal with a dead battery. Marcus and Nicholas believe that power on the go is a perfect gift for anyone who does a lot of running around. They explain what that you can charge your portable device once, and it lasts all week. “You can text, game or whatever you’d like, all day long” Wenzell adds.

It’s a stocking stuffer to die for... or, should we say “to not die for”… and you can pick one up for $24.99. Marnics Mobile even offers their exclusive magnetic portable chargers that fit in your pocket!

#5 - And of course, a new Smartphone!

Joseph Wenzell concludes this list by stating “More and more Canadians are enjoying contract-free solutions by purchasing outright phones. Now with refurbished and outright solutions, more and more Canadians are beating the plan prices with refurbished phones for as low as $99”.

Who wouldn’t want a contract-free phone? The Marnics team suggests that you ask your giftee what smartphone they have, so a Marnics sales rep can show you an upgraded version, sure to make for a thrilling Christmas gift.

And there you have it! Five great Christmas gift ideas to wrap up with love. Marcus and Nicholas, as well as the whole Marnics Mobile team, are happy to help you find exactly what you need. Make sure to stop by, ask them some questions and browse through their shop. Technology’s exciting. Make Christmas at your place exciting, too.

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This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.