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Spotlight: Navigating archaeological and heritage requirements

Woodland Heritage Northwest is the region's only archaeological consulting firm

Archaeology is often thought of as an adventurous thrill ride involving the deep jungles and golden idols.  While the adventure aspect is entirely true, golden idols are rarely, if ever recovered. Often, archaeology flies below the radar on people’s minds, but it is an incredibly important step in many aspects of modern development, whether the development involves large mines, roads, or even small, private land severances. 

Woodland Heritage Northwest, based in Thunder Bay, is northwestern Ontario’s only archaeological consulting firm. Operating for more than 10 years, Woodland Heritage Northwest is locally owned and operated. Woodland Heritage Northwest assists clients (big or small) in navigating the municipal and provincial legislation that revolves around archaeological and heritage requirements.

The archaeological process in Ontario is not something most people are familiar with and when it comes to dealing with the regulations, you need an expert. Woodland Heritage Northwest can provide the expertise needed to get the work done. The process can be up to four stages with most developments generally requiring the first two. If, however, an archaeological site is found, stages three and four can be required. 

With a combined 40 years of experience, the archaeologists at Woodland Heritage Northwest have dealt with a variety of scenarios. For example, in land severance cases, most municipalities require an archaeological assessment to be completed. Based in the north, Woodland Heritage Northwest has the flexibility to respond to those situations in a timely manner.  We are here to help the landowner navigate the regulations which may seem confusing and cumbersome. 

For larger remote projects, such as mines, roads, or transmission lines, Woodland Heritage Northwest are experts in logistics. We know working in the north can be difficult. The weather, wildlife, and access in the vast wilderness of Northern Ontario, having boots on the ground experience is essential. Whether in a helicopter, canoe, motorboat or on foot, Woodland Heritage Northwest is prepared to take the challenge. 

As a recognized Indigenous organization, Woodland Heritage Northwest has worked alongside many Indigenous communities. It is their heritage we are often dealing with, and it is incredibly important that their concerns are addressed with sensitivity to their traditions and ceremony. Knowledge and sensitivity are at the heart of our ethic. Ensuring either the proponent or Indigenous community understands the work that is required, how it will be performed, and next steps is paramount to achieving success. 

Woodland Heritage is dedicated to protecting the past, assisting our clients to ensure a prosperous future.

More information is available on their website.

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