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Taranis Training Ltd views safety as top priority

Taranis Training Ltd has been offering Commercial Drive and Heavy Equipment Operator training programs since 2011.
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Stop and think about the task you are assigned. Assess the hazards; eliminate or control them before starting the work. This is the golden piece of advice for anyone working in high-risk environments. Construction and mining are two of the largest industries in Canada, with over 1,200 mining operations and over 400,000 people depending on these operations for their livelihood. The occupational hazards in these industries are significant and must not be ignored; a consistent focus on safety is critical to avoid injury.

Taranis Training Ltd is one of Northwestern Ontario’s leading training facilities, whose training programs focus on safety while delivering quality instruction to aspiring workers in the mining, construction, commercial drive and heavy equipment sectors.

Taranis Training Ltd is a recognized Private Career College and has been offering Commercial Drive and Heavy Equipment Operator training programs to Thunder Bay and surrounding communities since 2011. Local businesses and communities can also turn to Taranis Training for custom training solutions.  Taranis Training works closely with Indigenous organizations as well as local, regional and national businesses to design custom training programs for their staff and community members.

The quality education and expert instructors have led to increased popularity of the training facility.  According to Lynsay, the program coordinator, the increased demand for vocational jobs in the community, and the focus to contribute to the local economy, has led to increased demand for training. Employers appreciate the option to have their staff trained locally and to avoid the extra expenses of having to travel outside of Northwestern Ontario.

 “We provide a positive and inclusive learning environment. Our staff and management team have the best interests of students in mind and strive to meet the unique needs of each student to learn and succeed. I think this is what makes our training unique,” adds Lynsay.

A hybrid approach to training exists within each Taranis Training program.  A mix of in-class theory, operator simulation and infield practical training keep students engaged and offers them an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-world environment. Participants in the heavy equipment program also receive training in the three main modules of the Ontario Surface Miner Modular Training Program, which introduces working safely in a surface mine. 

The head instructor of the Heavy Equipment Operators Program says, “For over 10 years, I have been in the industry working between the school and in the construction industry. As an instructor, my goal is to get people interested in the industry and familiarize themselves with safety at work. There are many aspects to a safe career in this industry. From wearing the right PPE to understanding the maintenance and operations of heavy equipment; safety is multifold.”  

Taranis’ two commercial drive instructors have a combined 50 years of driving experience, specializing in oversize and heavy haul. Jon has been with Taranis since the start, and Larry recently joined the team at Taranis Training. “I'm truly enjoying the experience. I love the group dynamic amongst all the management and staff here, all pulling together to provide the best opportunity for our students to succeed. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to teach someone a new skill that they can build a career with. With all our driving instructor's decades of experience, it's wonderful to be able to pass on some of our hard-earned lessons to make our students all better drivers. It's fantastic to hear from our students as to their goals once they get their licence and see them move forward in life.”

The expert knowledge and experience an instructor brings, along with a supportive learning environment, contributes to the overall experience for students looking to get a head start in the industry.  

“In a short time, the instructor had me operating with ease. It is a great course for anyone looking to get into the industry. I’m now employed as an excavator operator,” shares Kurtis, a recent heavy equipment operator grad, about the benefits of the training program.

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