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Toke House to hold grand opening for new store in Dryden

Co-owner Steve Kis is confident the new location will be well received.
Toke House Dryden

Steve Kis has been keen on expanding his business beyond the city borders of Thunder Bay. That’s why the co-owner of Toke House opened a new store this month in Dryden.  

Kis, who already has two other stores: one in Current River and one in Westfort, says the Dryden location was thoughtfully selected. The fact he has family in Ignace, he explains, allowed him to spend lots of time in the city and decide whether or not residents would embrace the Toke House brand.

“Dryden is exactly what the Toke House culture is all about. A proud community that supports locals and takes care of their neighbours first,” he says. “As soon as you pull in, you really feel the buzz of the growing city, and we wanted to contribute to that in any way we can.”

Toke House in Dryden opened its doors on Aug. 16, but the store has a grand opening slated for Sept. 3, 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Kis says there will be poutine, music and a number of other local vendors on site. Toke House Dryden will be the second cannabis retailer to make its mark on the city. Despite this, Kis says he is not here to steal anyone’s business and instead sees an opportunity to provide people with another option to sway customers to buy cannabis legally instead of on the black market. 

According to Kis, the new store will be stocked with a menu wall on six TV screens that will feature more than 300 cannabis products. The store will also sell a number of cannabis accessories such as bongs, grinders, papers and vapes—something that the first two locations don’t have.

And while the Toke House co-owner is confident that the store will claim its place in the community, he’s learned that as he continues to grow his brand, being intentional is important.

“We make sure we give each new store the time and love it deserves to ensure it’s a success,” he says. “We are extremely picky when choosing locations... We don’t just place stores wherever a vacant space is open.”

That being said, Kis has plans to open two other stores in Northwestern Ontario and one in southern Ontario-- sometime in 2022. He’s also in the process of raising capitol for a micro grow, with the hope that he can deeply embed himself in the cannabis industry and be recognized as an entrepreneur that is here to stay. For more information, please email

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