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Column: Turn up the Heat!

Burn Some Mega Calories with This Fun, Up-Beat Workout
HIIT workout stock

Warm Up:

Start with a HIIT warm up for about 10 minutes. Do continuous movement taking it up and down in intensity.  Do modifications where necessary. 

Jumping Jacks – Forward Jacks – Squat Jumps – Butt Kicks – High Knees – Skipping – burpees.

Repeat until you’ve done 10 minutes.

Timing – 10 reps x 5 sets of each exercise with a 10 second rest between each set.

Rest 1 minute before moving onto exercise #2.  Repeat until you move through the entire list completing each exercise completely.





Med Ball Slams

As hard as you can slam a medicine ball starting with arms overhead


Med Ball Twisting V-sit

Add knee tucks for advanced

In the V-sit position tap the floor with the medicine ball side to side.  Both sides tapped count as 1.


Bench Hop Overs


Grab a bench with hands on both sides at one end with your feet beside one side of bench.  Hop over to clear the bench continuously for 10 counts. Use end of bench and hop side to side kicking up heels if you cannot clear the bench.


Stepper Jumps – 10 leg


Using a stepper or the stairs, pop off the step one foot at a time and switching feet quickly


Glute Bridge w/weight or med ball on hips.

Lying on back with butt lifted high off the floor and heels dug in, toes pointing up.  You should have a straight line from your shoulders to your knees in the up position.  Hold for 10 seconds then add 5 pulses at the top.  That’s 1.  Repeat for 10 reps.


Squat Jump – med ball or DB overhead

No need to go too deep here, just do what you can for 10 continuous squat jumps.


Incline Push

Position yourself on an incline, whether it be the wall, bench, stairs or equalizer rails, whatever you got.  From the incline, do a push up and push off as explosively as you can.


Super Skaters

Side to side hoping with arms swinging and torso low as if you are a speed skater racing down the rink.  Be mindful of your form and full body movement.




Front Pillar Climbs (i.e. front plank)

In the front plank position on your elbows (whether it’s on the incline or on the floor), using your arms climb up to the push up position and back down again.  Repeat for the 10 count all on one side leading the push.  Switch lead side each set.


You can repeat this sequence as many times as you feel you want, I usually do it for 3 complete run-throughs.  It’s great for beginners and advanced.  Have fun! 

Yours in Health