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Salubrious Scoop: New Year, New You?

This is the reoccurring time of year that we all set new goals to look better, be better, feel better, and we’ve dubbed it a resolution. I want to define what a resolution means.
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This is the reoccurring time of year that we all set new goals to look better, be better, feel better, and we’ve dubbed it a resolution.  I want to define what a resolution means. 

It refers to steadfastness, determination, perseverance, purpose, decree and declaration. It means the process of resolving, harmonic progression and subsiding of symptoms.  If you really ponder that for a moment, I mean really ponder it, how many of those words define your intentions and commitment?

You see, only eight per cent of people making resolutions actually achieve them. That’s astounding!

Why is this?

We all have good intentions, desires and wishes.  We want to be in a better place by the intended actions we resolve to.  But a wish without action is just a dream.  And that’s the biggest problem. 

We lose sight of the end result when it gets too hard to do or we feel too weak to follow through. Then it turns into the vicious cycle of, “I wish I was 20lbs lighter” or, “I wish I got that new promotion” or, “I wish I had a different job”.  The cycle goes on.  Stop wishing and start implementing.

“If it were easy to achieve, we’d already be there!”

So let’s talk about your expectations.  Yes, you have to realize that things will be challenging, it will test your strength and willpower, and you may want to throw in the towel 3 or 4 weeks in.  Most resolutions are not a fast track to success, it all takes time and you have to realize that.  But this is where you have to grit your teeth, regroup, and find your “why”.

Your biggest key to success is your “why”.  If you seriously don’t know what it is, then you will fail time and time again.  Let’s pin point how to do that.

True success begins with a road map.  You ‘have’ to write down your goals and your reason to achieve it – your “why”.  When it gets tough or out of sight, stop, breathe and restart.  Here are some things to make your list with:

  • Start by implementing a road map – write down in detail where it is you want to go, how you’re going to get there and what you’re going to do to get you there. 
  • Be specific – if you want to lose weight, you have to be specific about it.  “I want to lose 52 lbs by…
  • Be realistic – don’t set goals that you know you can’t achieve.  If you want the management position but the current manager just took the position a year ago, chances are you aren’t going to be moving into that position any time soon.  Or if you want to lose 52 lbs by March break, that’s probably a bit too zealous and unrealistic.  It’s probably a bit unsafe as well.  Know that losing too much too fast won’t last.
  • Have a timeline that will meet your goals.  Nothing comes quick.

When the going gets tuff just go back to your notes.  Instead of stopping completely because you screwed the pooch, regroup and restart again.  You’ll still be further ahead with your goals than if you stop completely. 

One way to look at it is if you stop moving forward with your goals, you’ll always be exactly where you’re at.  Is that where you’ll be happy?  Probably not.

So here’s where you get off your ass, reassess the situation, find your WHY, reestablish your end goal and get back on that horse. Be in that eight per cent of people who succeed. 

If we all gave up after a failure or two, we would still be in the dark ages.


“I have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work”.

~ Thomas Edison


Remember, don’t get overwhelmed, take it slow and keep on track.  This is YOUR resolution.  It’s not about anybody else, so learn to give back to you.  J


Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year my friends.