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2018 Nominees

Click here to learn more about the Holiday Hero Contest or to nominate a Holiday Hero. We'll be selecting one special person for a $1,000 cash prize. See all the nominees for the 2018 Holiday Heroes contest. Deadline for nominations is Nov. 30.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Waffles Groulx-Price

Holiday Hero nominee: Waffles Groulx-Price

A very special volunteer that I am more than happy to nominate for this award is Waffles Groulx-Price. Waffles is certainly not your ordinary volunteer; but no less important than any other. Waffles Groulx-Price, is a pug.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Lisa Simmik

Holiday Hero nominee: Lisa Simmik

Lisa Simmik is the true head elf! With a heart full of gold this lady will give the shirt off her back to anyone in need! She is the most selfless person; when does she ever have time for herself? She doesnt; from volunteering in the community for do
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Benjamin Murray

Holiday Hero nominee: Benjamin Murray

I would like to nominate Benjamin Murray and the organisation Ghetto Children for there work with the at risk youth in our community.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Amanda Walford

Holiday Hero nominee: Amanda Walford

I want to nominate my loving partner Amanda Walford, who not only places my needs before her own, but the communities through the StandUp4CleanUp movement.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Marc Perrier

Holiday Hero nominee: Marc Perrier

Marc Perrier is someone who should be recognized as a holiday hero in our community. Marc is a Student Support Person for the Catholic School board by day and devotes his weekend to working with youth struggling with addictions and mental health.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Donald Baxter <b>(2 photos)</b>

Holiday Hero nominee: Donald Baxter (2 photos)

Donald Baxter is a true holiday hero in every way. He loves all animals unconditionally, and rescues, feeds and fosters them daily.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Georgia Salminen

Holiday Hero nominee: Georgia Salminen

I would nominate Georgia Salminen. Her passion is for helping people in need or the less fortunate. She volunteers at the shelter house with the redwood team and at work she will buy food for people who dont have enough money to buy it themselves.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Kelly

Holiday Hero nominee: Kelly

I like to nominate Kelly, she works at ACT (Assertive community treatment teams). She helps out my son a lot. She caring, kind and respectful to him.she takes to his appointments and goes on grocery shopping with him.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Nancy Murray

Holiday Hero nominee: Nancy Murray

This year I would like to nominate a wonderful woman, Nancy Murray. She is wife, a mother of two beautiful daughters and a woman who never stops.
<b>Holiday Hero nominee:</b> Ana Lucia <b>(6 photos)</b>

Holiday Hero nominee: Ana Lucia (6 photos)

My Holiday Hero is Ana Lucia, a 12 year old girl who thinks it doesn't matter how old you are, you can always make a difference. She is the owner and operator of "The Cherry Side". She makes cards and gift tags, mainly in Christmas Season and St.