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Brawl breaks out at wrestling press conference

Terry Funk should be used to a little pain. In a career spanning more than four decades, the slow-spoken Texan has seen it all in the wrestling ring, including an incident in Corpus Christi in which he was stabbed in the back.

Roenick to headline sports celebrity dinner

The man who once told NHL fans to kiss his ass is coming to Thunder Bay .

Local makes Border Cats' roster

It doesn’t happen often, but every few summers the Thunder Bay Border Cats add a local player to the roster. Count 2010 as one of those years.
Ice Edge Holdings ends lease negotiations with Glendale

Ice Edge Holdings ends lease negotiations with Glendale

Anthony LeBlanc has confirmed that Ice Edge Holdings is stepping away from lease negotiations with the City of Glendale, Ariz.
Chill warms up for season

Chill warms up for season

Veteran players of a local soccer team welcomed a few new faces to the roster in order to help bring the championship back home to Thunder Bay.

Ice Edge, Glendale near new lease deal

PHOENIX - A person close to the talks says Ice Edge Holdings is nearing agreement on a memorandum of understanding that gives the group exclusive negotiating rights with the city of Glendale on a new lease agreement for the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes.

Pyatt makes name for himself in Montreal

MONTREAL -- After emerging from obscurity to play a key role as a penalty killer and speedy checking line winger for the Canadiens' playoff run, Thunder Bay's Tom Pyatt can't walk the streets of Montreal these days without getting noticed.

NHL confirms Ice Edge back in negotiations with Glendale

PHOENIX - The Ice Edge group is back in the picture as a potential buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says Ice Edge has resumed talks with the city of Glendale over a lease agreement.
Report: Ice Edge may still get Coyotes

Report: Ice Edge may still get Coyotes

Winnipeg’s gain could also mean victory for proponents of an American Hockey League team in Thunder Bay.

Gustavo Oliveira returning to Chill

Playmaker Gustavo Oliveira hopes to help the Thunder Bay Chill turn back the clock.