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VIDEO: Canada geese joined a tai chi class in Thunder Bay

Master Peng You said his class got a good laugh out of the situation

THUNDER BAY — A flock of Canada geese interrupted a tai chi class on Thunder Bay's waterfront Tuesday evening.  

But tai chi master Peng You knew how to handle the situation, using his teaching skills to persuade the birds to move along eventually.

He posted video of the incident on Facebook.

"A group of Canada geese surrounded me. I told them 'Can you come and join me for tai chi?' It's happened before, and sometimes they listen," Peng You told TBnewswatch. 

"I say 'move' and they move. 'Turn left' and sometimes they turn left. It's very funny. Sometimes I make a noise and they're very alert. Everybody laughs about that. That's what happened last night."

He said the tai chi association that he founded in Thunder Bay is all about promoting happiness, fun, health and friendship.

"We have the best location. I call the Tai Chi Park the centre of the universe...Who else has something like this, right in front of the Sleeping Giant?"

Thunder Bay will host an international tai chi championship next year, with over 150 countries expected to participate.

Tai chi has been described as meditation in motion.

There is evidence that the mind-body practice that originated in China as a martial art is beneficial in the treatment or prevention of some health problems.

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