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Logic before legal action

Sarah Deming of Michigan is suing distributers of the movie Drive. According to Ms. Deming, the movie’s trailer misled her about the film’s content and caused her to … wait for it … buy a ticket. So she’s suing.

Glee creator gets reprieve

It’s no secret that fans were unhappy. After a fresh, fun, and, dare I say, ground-breaking first season, Glee got caught up in its own press. Big name stars admitted they were Gleeks and asked to appear or share their music.

Goodbye to Kate ... plus 8

Last Monday night you might have heard an odd buzzing sound. If you listened closely, it sounded like a stadium crowd. It was the mixed sound of cheering viewers and booing fans as Kate Plus 8 ended its run on TLC.

A picture-perfect hurricane

In 1990, I remember coming home and turning on the television to images of the missile strikes during the Gulf War.

Good to be bad?

Since the dawn of time, good and evil have been duking it out. When the drama wasn’t enough in real life, man began making up stories with heroes and villains. Guys liked breaking the rules and girls fell for the bad boy.

Return to Smurf Village

The little blue beings called Smurfs began in 1958 from the imagination of Belgian cartoonist Peyo, a.k.a. Pierre Calliford.

Invasion of the Daleks

According to Guinness World Records, Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show in the world.

Taking a break

I just came back from a week off. After a couple of weeks of technical difficulties and extra hours, I needed to get away from it all.

Reality fishbowl

Celebrity Apprentice fascinates me. It’s interesting to take the animal, Celebritus Americanus, out of its natural habitat and drop it into the fishbowl of reality TV. They don’t have their regular schedules or personal assistants.

Oprah finale end of an era

So May 21 wasn’t quite the apocalypse as promised. But really, Harold Camping was only off by a few days. Wednesday, May 25 – maybe not quite the apocalypse, but certainly close. The end of Oprah. And for others, The Rapture.